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Waiting beauty…………

2 Nov

Between shots, beauty is still beauty………………..

Old and new……..

28 Oct

A recent visit to the vibrant melting pot that is Hong Kong allowed me to quickly capture a few of the sights……..

Natural light………

15 Oct

Shooting fashion articles in the middle of a sunny day outdoors presents a whole gambit of issues for a photographer to overcome.

We like to help promote local venues with our shoots to encourage more shoppers to the area and therefore using dingy covered alleys or inside storage sheds doesn’t work.

The retailers are happy for us to use their shops until they get busy, which of course is as soon as we set up a light stand….natural curiosity!

Whilst shooting this article we had one look to go and the sun was blazing down, our make up artist lives right next to the shopping precinct so we used this little corner of her house and took advantage of

beautiful diffused natural light……………

Italy on the Gold Coast……

9 Sep

The Emerald Lakes Italian Quater is just brimming with photo opportunities. Weddings, fashion shoot and while we were there this afternoon even a sneaky lingerie shoot was underway.

Where ever you turn there is a little nook or old world scene just waiting for the right photographer.

A distant seascape………

8 Sep

Over the past few weeks I have posted several seascapes and today I thought I would post another…with a twist.

We had a family day out in the glorious Gold Coast hinterland, and captured the coast in the background, about 15 miles away !

The creeks were running, the sun was shinning and we enjoyed a great picnic together, all the time admiring the distant seascape.

The sea is just visible on the far right horizon, the beautiful Australia bush is in between.

Face of Beauty……

15 Jul

Being a professional fashion model, by definition, means that beauty is taken for granted.

However, there are some models that we photographers are lucky enough to capture that have a more than just good bone structure and flawless skin.

A few of these glamourous, yet hard working subjects have the ability to have  almost an aura of beauty, an extra layer or depth which exceeds the normal bone structure and skin.

One such model is Dani, who I had the pleasure to shoot for a local online fashion magazine.

What made the shoot even more special was that my wife who took these last two shots, came along as assistant and second shooter….

and after seeing these shots I’d better brush up on my skills or it will be me assisting.  

Sunrise fishing………

24 Jun

There are certain past times that seem to attract people who have no love of the “sleep in”.

Golfers tee off early, bike riders pull on the lycra before dawn, joggers brave the pre dawn chill and fisherman set their first cast with the first rays of the sun……

…..and of course, we photographers are there to capture it.


Cooly Rocks..some of the sights !

13 Jun

Due to the rain and other shoots during the Cooly Rocks Festival, I only got there for an hour or so on a very wet and cold aftrenoon.

However these two shots give an idea about the diversity of style and the tongue in cheek nature of these Rock and Roll, car loving, dance enthusiasts.

just style………….

12 Jun

I really don’t need to say much……………………..

Synchronised (life)Savers……..

28 May

I have been lucky enough in my life to work alongside people like these two good friends. Very fashionable in their matching gear, this is what these guys do for a living.

In this shoot they were only training for the real thing, but its’ nice to know there are these very special people out there looking out for the rest of us.