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Fashionable serenity……….

26 Mar

I had a shoot with a family early in the morning the other day, and as usual I was way too early.

The family lives along some of the canals here on the Gold Coast which is situated right next to the fashionable, yet peaceful and serene resort suburb of Sanctuary Cove.

The suburb has grown up around the golf course and marina, with a lovely village feel too it.

Art and beauty are everywhere in the grounds and even the small lakes that dot the different areas add to that feeling of serenity ……….


Back to the beach…………..

24 Mar

Dust off the bikini and boardshorts the sun has reappeared here on the Gold Coast……………..

Back with Friends…….

24 Mar

I received a welcome phone call the other day from good friend Jodie. the artistic director of Multiplay Entertainment. Unlike so many agencies, Jodie and Multiplay don’t stick to booking safe, boring acts, they make sure they provide Entertainment with a capital E. From cabaret to burlesque, and just about everything in between, the thing I really enjoyed is that the talent are all so friendly. Simply they love their jobs and enjoy entertaining.

Anyway back to the phone call, we will after a bit of a break be teaming up again for some great new projects, life just gets better and better……….

Golden beach……

24 Mar

We have had our far share of rain over the past few weeks, but every now  and again this is what the Gold Coast serves up, just to remind everybody why this Australia’s most popular real estate.

New Talent……..

19 Mar

Every once in a while a new model comes along with almost no  and you just know that with a little guidance combined with a break or two, that new comer will make a splash.

I shot this new comer the other day, she is a little shy, quiet and able to change expression at the drop of a hat.

Normally shooting new talent is hard work, but not so with this girl, she took direction well, was involved and attentive, she didn’t care about bugs or the weather, just stayed focussed the whole time.

I hope she makes it big, and we see more and more of this natural new talent!!

Its all about the eyes………

16 Mar

People who know me probably get sick of me rambling on about the most important ingredient in a portrait.

With all due respect to the make up artists ( who by the way, are indeed artists), and the hair stylists, and even the fashion stylists, if you don’t capture the subjects eyes then the portrait will never attain the impact you desire.

Obviously some models aside from being blessed with great body genes also were handed dramatic, scene stealing eyes, but not all were so lucky.

So then the photographer steps in, good lighting, great connection with the subject and an understanding of composition will still allow you to capture an image which draws the viewer in.


15 Mar

One of my favourite models, Ali. Not a classic beauty, nor someone that stops traffic, but she just has something which makes her stand out.

Just another example of the inner being showing thru…………