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special people……

30 Apr

Most of us go to work everyday and perform fairly ordinary tasks. We pretty much know that the day will pass with the biggest problem we have to face is a traffic jam, a paper jam or for messy people like me, spilt jam on my shirt.

But for some special people, it could be rescuing someone from a jam, you know the real deal, nasty type of jam.

These people hop out of bed knowing that they will be called upon to do extraordinary tasks, and I for one always quietly say thanks!

Misty Weather………..

29 Apr

………..well, the Gold Coast version of it anyway.

We have had over 4 inches of rain in the last day or so, and I think that will do.

Outdoor shoots have had to be put off and even a simple walk to the shops with my daughter saw us a arrive a little damp.

I did manage to roll out of bed at 5.00am and scout around for a location for an upcoming location shoot.

Grey skies with misty rain on and off chased me home to a nice warm coffee.


Lest we forget…………..

25 Apr

ANZAC day 2012

….at the going down of the sun,

and in the morning,

we will remember them……




Stunning Beauty………………

23 Apr

We battled light all thru this shoot, the sun couldn’t have been any brighter and a planned shot in a water feature just produced a blown out snap shoot, so after scouting around we found this little fall and got to work.

I shot from a bridge about 20 metres away with both speedlites bare at 1/4 aiming at Alless from camera right.

The result….Stunning!

Black and White Beauty………..

23 Apr

Another from the shoot with the beautiful Alless.

She liked the idea of something moody and fashionable, this was taken before she entered the swamp (see the previous post).

Swamp Beauty……………….

22 Apr

Swamp beauty…..what the ?, the two words don’t really go together in normal conversation.

Yesterday Alless and myself shot her in various locations locally,aiming to achieve a style that is new to her.

She did so well, and nothing put her off, so when I suggested she hop into this lake filled with weeds, lilies and large lizards swimming around (not crocodiles) she was only to eager.


After a couple of shrieks, she regained her confidence and  worked the scene beautifully.

No show….not cool!!!

22 Apr

Oh No, its rant time.

After 10 email communications, I shifted my ageing body from bed early this morning to do a TFP shoot for a model trying to grow her portfolio.

I like to help, lets face it, I love taking pictures and can afford to give up some time.

People helped me with their time when I started out, so its right to give something back.

After waiting at the arranged location for over half an hour, I tried calling, ……message bank!

I know what your thinking, an emergency could have occurred, her phone might be lost, she may have………the list goes on.

But you know what she probably just slept in………..not cool!!

A change of style……….

21 Apr

A lot of the shoots I have doing lately have been very much about the beach…and theres nothing wrong with that, but it does get a bit stale.

Today I shot Alless, a bikini model who also was feeling like a change.

A fifty dollar op shop wedding dress, a nice park and we had a great time, shooting something different.

There are a few more to come, but here is a teaser.

Make Up Beauty………..

19 Apr

Make up artists make us look good……No!, not the model, the photographer.

They smooth skin enhance features and hide others, add highlights and subtract blemishes.

And quite often they themselves should be in front of the camera, like Olivia

Shadowed beauty….

18 Apr

An image from a earlier shoot, Erin, who was fantastic, climbing over rocks, into trees, getting hammered by waves.

We ended the shoot at one of my favourite spots, it is very tranquil and reminds many people of a deserted tropical beach with trees meeting the sea.