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Ekala Hunter – Super model

7 Nov

No matter where or what style we shoot, Ekala brings the star quality with her.

Funny, witty but always ready, she is truly a super model……

Resort beauty……….

5 Sep

Two models, five outfit changes, a great stylist and my fantastic wife as second shooter and assistant… really doesn’t get much better.

The girls were great and helped us use the pool deck and bar areas of the resort to the max.

Lots of laughs, and lots of great images. The second image is one of a series of great portraits taken by my wife.

To see more of this shoot go to …….

Furry Fashion…….

3 Jul

After a wonderful fashion shoot with Sarah Godfrey and Caroline from FashionGC, the required images were processed and delivered, then I get to play with some of the cutting floor rejects in Photoshop, this great fun and sometimes another winner appears…….



Shooting space……

3 Jul

This is not a post about the next NASA flight, oh no, this is about the space needed to create a picture.

Working in studio is easy in this regard, a blank canvas so to speak, well at least a blank backdrop.

You can set your lights, shoot from angles and leave equipment where ever you please.

Not so when shooting fashion in the great outdoors (sort of).

The general public become the general nuisance, the light will not cooperate and as soon as you put down that cool piece of gear, a kid on a bike will use it as a launch pad trying to emulate the Crusty Demons.

However, the more I shoot in public spaces the more I realise that the camera will only capture the space around the subject that I dictate, and the resulting image can transport the viewer to places other than the real location.


Shooting space….a new frontier !!

For more about model Sarah Godfrey, visit

and see more images from this shoot at


just style………….

12 Jun

I really don’t need to say much……………………..

Fashion show time……..

3 Jun

Those of you that have shot a fashion show will realise that it’s not all beer and skittles.

Usually there is average to less than average lighting, the facilities that sound great when promoted by the organiser are not always the way you have envisaged them in your mind.

and then often the combination of questionable garment choice, poor  or down right crazy make up  and models that shouldn’t, can end up in a post production nightmare…….for little result.

So when I arrived at the local fashion show, Fashion on James, I had a major yipee moment.

Well organised, fantastic garments, young but talented models and the most organised professional and skilled make up/hair team I have ever seen.

Over the next few posts I will put up a few more images from this great fashion event.




A favorite returns….

11 May

One of my favourite and certainly most creative models, Sheree is returning to the Gold Coast soon.

We will shoot together again and that is great….


Vulnerable Beauty…………

5 May

Sometimes when I shoot a model, it doesn’t take very long to realise that she has a certain character or persona, and that is what she will display throughout the shoot regardless of costuming, make up or location.

However occasionally I work with a model who is multi faceted, who can change emotion at a drop of a hat, with feeling and realism.

Some can go from happy to sad, innocent to sultry but very rarely do you see the change from utter self-confidence to complete vulnerability.

The beautiful Alless is one such talented model, completely at ease as the confident, glamorous fashionable bride but within minutes so able to express the emotions of fear and vulnerability…………


Vintage Beauty………….

1 May

Hollywood has seen beauty evolve through the decades, from the silent flicks to the present day blockbusters, the most glamourous women in the world have been up in lights on the silver screen.

It’s only recently with the invention of the paparazzi, that we, the ordinary folk have seen what these icons really look like.

From the beginning the movie moguls employed camera and lighting techniques to enhance the beauty of their stars.

Soft focus, light directed to show off the best features, and far away gazes were just a few of the tricks in the bag.

Louise really doesn’t need any tricks to be called beautiful, however she has a look that lends itself to that vintage beauty style………………………

Colour, glamour and fun……..

1 Apr

Last night I shot an event (more on that soon) with the great folks from Multiplay Entertainment, and once again all the performers were fun, glamorous and talented.

These three young ladies who were magnificently accompanied by the drumming caverellos demonstrating duo worked overtime to entertain the crowd between the headline acts,

and if that wasn’t enough then put on a mini strolling mardigras amongst the wowed audience.

Thanks to the whole troupe for the great entertainment.