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Sunrise fishing………

24 Jun

There are certain past times that seem to attract people who have no love of the “sleep in”.

Golfers tee off early, bike riders pull on the lycra before dawn, joggers brave the pre dawn chill and fisherman set their first cast with the first rays of the sun……

…..and of course, we photographers are there to capture it.


Catching the light………

17 Jun

Out of bed early to start work on a series of Seascapes that depict the love affair with the beach and surrounds here on the Gold Coast.


Cooly Rocks..some of the sights !

13 Jun

Due to the rain and other shoots during the Cooly Rocks Festival, I only got there for an hour or so on a very wet and cold aftrenoon.

However these two shots give an idea about the diversity of style and the tongue in cheek nature of these Rock and Roll, car loving, dance enthusiasts.

just style………….

12 Jun

I really don’t need to say much……………………..

The Gold Coast.. a different view…….

11 Jun

It has rained for days, lucky I was shooting in studio this weekend.

I grabbed these shoots during a break in editing Saturdays shoot…all done now.

I got laughed at by a few of the local hardcore surfers, I was tucked up under an umbrella, pressed in close to some rocks to keep the rain off the camera.

This is the second time in as many weeks I have shot from under an umbrella ( see an earlier post about shooting an outdoor fashion event “dedication or stupidity….)

Rock and roll is back…….

1 Jun

The fantastic “Cooly Rocks” festival swings into action tomorrow.

Thumping V8 hotrods, music from various stages and everywhere you look people dressed to rock and roll.

Talk about dancing in the streets, everybody is just here to have fun………

Surfing up a storm………

29 May

I have posted images of surfing before on this blog, hey lets face it I do live about ten minutes from a suburb called Surfers Paradise.

Usually when there is a rideable wave near here, its standing room only out the back and each wave is hotly contested.

Not the case today when this bloke was all alone, surfing up a storm…………………..

Fishing for a pot of Gold…………

28 May

As a boy I would jump on my bike and chase rainbows looking for the elusive pot of gold.

Needless to say I never caught up with the fabled treasure.

This fellow at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast had a new way to try to snag the treasure..maybe this is why its’ called the Gold Coast………….


27 May

This was shot a while ago, but I really like the look of mischief on Tiffanys’ face.

Tiff has been featured in a couple of the earlier shoots and has always managed to look glamourous and have a hint of devil about her personality.

Beach Boys music and a classic truck…………

24 May

The “Cooly Rocks” Festival starts again next week, the festival pays homage to all things Rock and Roll.

Slick hair, booby socks, swirling skirts, rumbling V8s and burger bars..Cooly Rocks has it all.

Coolangatta, the town that hosts the festival is on of the hottest beach destinations along the coast and so there has to be a fair bit of Beach Boys rocking over the beach….