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Rock and roll is back…….

1 Jun

The fantastic “Cooly Rocks” festival swings into action tomorrow.

Thumping V8 hotrods, music from various stages and everywhere you look people dressed to rock and roll.

Talk about dancing in the streets, everybody is just here to have fun………

Synchronised (life)Savers……..

28 May

I have been lucky enough in my life to work alongside people like these two good friends. Very fashionable in their matching gear, this is what these guys do for a living.

In this shoot they were only training for the real thing, but its’ nice to know there are these very special people out there looking out for the rest of us.


Belly Dancing…………..

21 May

Belly dancing seems to be commonplace nowadays.

Perhaps its a new fitness craze, or perhaps the need to fine something creative in a life dominated by reality TV and facebook.

The classically beautiful Tehlia is stunning in her role as a belly dancer

A rose by any other name……..

2 May

Whilst looking for an image for a friend, I stumbled across a pic of one of my favourite models, Tina.

She possesses so much talent, is a delight to work with and likes to laugh.

We have both moved to different states, but I take great pleasure in seeing updates on her ever growing career…………

Old Rockers never die…they just bring back memories……..

7 Apr

Last weekend I shot an event at the fantastic Broadwater Gardens, well we were back the again this weekend for the free Easter concert. Not there to work just kick back and enjoy. We had a family day of swimming and eating and swimming and eating..yep, there is a pattern, …….. hey its Easter.

Anyway back to the reason for this post, about thirty years ago, or a bit more perhaps there was a band called…Sherbet, fronted by Daryl Braithwaite, they wowed the teens and had great  success for a while. As bands do they split and Braithwaite started a solo career, and that’s when the depth of this mans talent really emerged. Rock, ballads and feel good songs that appealed across different age groups.

Then as is normal for those soloists that have maybe five or six big hits, he faded away only to be heard occasionally on drive time radio. That is until last night !

The ten thousand or so lucky free concert goers were treated to a display of entertainment rarely seen, even when paying a days wages or more.

He warmed the crowd up with some reminiscing, and then hit us hard with the rock…needless to say the crowd was on its feet and dancing.

A standing ovation had Braithwaite and band return to the stage for a rendition of “Horses”, with the masses joining for a thunderous chorus.

Thanks Daryl and Gold Coast City Council, it was a great way to celebrate our wedding anniversary !

Earth Hour 2012

6 Apr

Last weekend I teamed up with the fantastic talent from Multiplay Entertainment and Foto-Media to shoot images at the Gold Coasts Earth Hour celebration held at the beautiful Broadwater Gardens.

Multiplay provided many of the acts and coordinated the event in conjunction with the Gold Coast City Council.

It was truly a family event with face painting, and acts aimed at the kids.

For the adults there was a variety of talent from fire dancing to Electra Vine and Liam Burrows, a finalist on “Australia’s’ Got Talent”. A nice young man with a talent beyond his years who has requested photos from the night for some promo work.

Earth Hour promotes energy conservation however the acts certainly put massive amount of energy keeping the large crowd entertained.

This is the first of these events held on the Gold Coast and with the reactions of all I spoke to next year will be bigger and much looked forward to.


17 Jan

Style…Funny word really ! It can be applied in so many ways to different things. Cars have style, people have style (well some), a job can be done with style, you can have a personal style…what does this all mean. truly I am not so sure, I think it is one of those words we now associate not only with a physical demonstration but also an aura or persona that is given off by a person or object.

I walked through an event stadium in Brisbane the other day and these lounges just leapt out at me. Plain in colour and tucked away from any main walkways, they just looked good, plain, understated yet the design just dragged your eyes towards them. 

 Of course style is very subjective, what strikes me as stylish maybe mundane or commonplace to some one else. This opens the door for a “sense of style”  something along the lines of artistic sense which is so very personal and cannot be bounded by public convention.

Some people in my book, just are stylish, they may not be the most glamorous, they may not be wealthy but they carry themselves, talk, laugh and dress which raises them above the average, and usually they do it in a way that is completely natural and casual. Born to it you might say.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tina on a couple of occasions. She is a renown dancer/choreographer based in Melbourne and she was kind enough several years ago to do some modelling for me. I always have thought that she just had …. style, maybe its the artist in her or she was just born with it.