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A new day…………………

30 Jun

I was up early this morning, and went for a little walk over the local headland.

Just as the sun came up , I quickly captured this………..


29 Jun

It really doesn’t matter what the critics say, sometimes it is okay to blow out the background.

A seascape, a meadow or just a wall quite often add nothing to the image except to position the subject.

Now I am not advocating complete lack of correct exposure, just saying that sometimes it’s okay to break the rules.


Seize the moment……….

28 Jun

No, I dont really know what I was thinking when I suggested we try this .

The husband to be was keen and I think we accomplished what that icon of fashion, the wonder bra cant.

No ugly straps with this support system, no underwires, and you will always know where your partner is………


Back Alley Beauty………..

24 Jun

Jodie, a talented Cabaret performer was singing in a fashionable and very bohemian cocktail bar/ restaurant this weekend and she invited me to meet her in the back alley……….for some photos, (what went through your mind, people), between sets.

A vastly talented singer/entertainer, Jodie is one of the hard-working people in the entertainment business locally.

Not only does she perform endlessly, but she supports and promote countless other bands and performers.


Sunrise fishing………

24 Jun

There are certain past times that seem to attract people who have no love of the “sleep in”.

Golfers tee off early, bike riders pull on the lycra before dawn, joggers brave the pre dawn chill and fisherman set their first cast with the first rays of the sun……

…..and of course, we photographers are there to capture it.



21 Jun

Elegance is a quality that is fast disappearing from our day-to-day lives.

The way people sit, the way we all lean against walls or desks, the way we dress…..

Yes, I know times have changed, mostly for the better of course, but occasionally it’s nice to see a return to the past.

Vash Te is one of those models that can pull off this olde world elegance and she can do it with ease………………

A wave before dinner……………

18 Jun

I am not a surfer, however I get why so many make the daily pilgrimage to the sea before starting the day.

Invigorating, centring and just great exercise, a morning surf must help steel you for the days labours.

But interestingly there is just as many surfers that are out in the evening looking for the last wave before dusk.

Maybe it has a calming effect, brushing away the days tribulations, much like capturing that last image of the surfer catching a wave before dinner……………

Hollywood classic…………..

17 Jun

Vash Te who made an appearance in my fitness shoot, has the posture, grace and beauty to carry off this classic style.

a joy to work with, she is creative and thoughtful, she knows what a great image is and understands the process.

in an earlier era, she would have been a Hollywood classic………

Photographic “Master chef” style program

17 Jun

The popularity of photography has not been lost on Australia’s government owned TV network.

The ABC, which has always had a strong focus (sorry..I couldn’t help it) on documentry/lifestyle shows has debuted this show “Photo Finish”

I wonder if, like so many successful ABC documentry style shows it will end up on the commercial networks as a platform for Nikon or Canon to showcase thier products.

At the end of the day, it should be a good thing for our artform, with more people realising that a great deal of skill and knowledge goes into a great picture !

Have a look and see what you think.

The last picture of the day……….

17 Jun

Fashionable Burleigh Heads here on the Gold Coast really has it all. We are far enough from the tourist hub not to be affected but close enough if we want a bit of glitz, we have cafes and restaurants and enough fashion boutiques to keep the look changing constantly.

The beach and the break on the point attract surfing royalty all year round and there is the most brilliant safe swimming beach for the family just around the headland.

This young body boarder was catching the last picture of her boyfriend surfing for the day………….