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26 Jul

Emily in a garden……….nothing more need be said !!

Fashion Beauty……..

22 Jul

Shooting on location for Fashion editorials can sometimes be challenging.

The sun doesn’t ever light the subject exactly right, not without me having shoot thru a window, past some cars and  around a fence.

People are constantly walking thru the shot, and if your in a business premises then they get right of way.

Light modifiers and stands are frowned upon, in case someone trips over.

I know this sounds like a bit of a gripe session, but really its quite to the contrary, the challenges make it all the more fun and I am constantly developing skills.

I am now happy to move furniture, balance on tables and shoot thru playgrounds to capture fashion beauty………………..

Simply Beautiful……….

22 Jul

Model Dani, has featured in a few posts she is great to work with and has the attitude, work ethic and style to make it big in the highly competitive world of modelling.

The of course there is the prerequisite of good looks…..Dani of course, is simply beautiful.

Seasonal Migration of Volcanic Rocks ???

22 Jul

Just walking around beautiful Burleigh Heads the other day and noticed that the volcanic rocks that litter the shoreline look like a migration of creatures heading into the sea…either that or I do need a

Make Up Beauty………

20 Jul

I was asked to do a quick shoot of model Dani after local make up guru Kylie, who only uses natural mineral products, had finished a quick make up lesson.

We went to the back of the house and shot Dani between two home made reflectors, a old projector screen as a backdrop and bouncing a speedlight off the verandah roof.

A few levels adjustments and some smoothing as is required for this genre and this was the result…………


Face of Beauty……

15 Jul

Being a professional fashion model, by definition, means that beauty is taken for granted.

However, there are some models that we photographers are lucky enough to capture that have a more than just good bone structure and flawless skin.

A few of these glamourous, yet hard working subjects have the ability to have  almost an aura of beauty, an extra layer or depth which exceeds the normal bone structure and skin.

One such model is Dani, who I had the pleasure to shoot for a local online fashion magazine.

What made the shoot even more special was that my wife who took these last two shots, came along as assistant and second shooter….

and after seeing these shots I’d better brush up on my skills or it will be me assisting.  


11 Jul

Sometimes an image has far more impact if there is a range of contrast instead of colour…………

The morning view………..

11 Jul

The view over the Broadwater on the Gold Coast with model Alless…………

Simply Gorgeous…..

10 Jul

Shooting for fashion magazines of either the print or electronic versions is a funny exprience.

On one hand, the images need to be sharp, well lit and topical.

On the other, they are yesterdays news within hours and therefore the temptation is to rush through the shoot and process the images pronto.

Sometimes you get lucky and the model, stylist, in fact the whole cast are on the same page. Regardless of the short life of the images, lets take the time to get the right shot, display the garments to their best,  exhibit the artistic ability of the make up professional and show the model at her most beautiful, the result….simply gorgeous !!

Feel the Burn……..

9 Jul

Whilst waiting for a model to arrive for a fashion shoot, I spotted these rowers against the morning sun……