Natural light………

15 Oct

Shooting fashion articles in the middle of a sunny day outdoors presents a whole gambit of issues for a photographer to overcome.

We like to help promote local venues with our shoots to encourage more shoppers to the area and therefore using dingy covered alleys or inside storage sheds doesn’t work.

The retailers are happy for us to use their shops until they get busy, which of course is as soon as we set up a light stand….natural curiosity!

Whilst shooting this article we had one look to go and the sun was blazing down, our make up artist lives right next to the shopping precinct so we used this little corner of her house and took advantage of

beautiful diffused natural light……………

2 Responses to “Natural light………”

  1. Conor Cullen October 15, 2012 at 5:52 am #

    Great shot Andrew, love the light.

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