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Colour in the Sky…..

26 Feb

What a difference a day makes….

Last Saturday we had a brief reappearance of the sun…

Instead of grey on grey, we had colour in the sky…..

Colour in the Sky

Colour in the Sky


Suns out, Surf up!!

23 Feb

After seemingly weeks of rain and wind, the sun has revived the Gold Coast this morning.

Surfers, joggers, photographers and early morning coffee addicts were out to greet the morning.

Burleigh Heads at its best again.

Burleigh Heads at its best again.

Rain,rain, go away……

22 Feb

Queenslands Gold Coast hasn’t lived up to its name for a few weeks now.

Rain, high winds and pounding seas have left the sunny playground sodden and littered with leaves and branches.

But you know, it won’t be long before we will be out admiring the hinterlands waterfalls and playing at the beach.

Here is a shoot taken on another rainy day with the beautiful Dani Bonner.Dani in the Rain

new direction……

20 Feb

Photography is a smorgasbord of an artform.

Depending on taste you can pick from a variety of genres, Fashion (my favourite), portraiture, landscapes, events even weddings.

Wait one minute, “Weddings??!!”, I hear you cry.

Lots of work, Bridezillas, crying mother in laws, and stock photography.

Maybe, however I believe there is an up side, Happy brides, lots of fun and artistic, romantic images.

So here I go, adding another string to the bow, excited about this new direction…..

New Direction

Artificial Light……

16 Feb

After a week or so of early starts, long hours and watch beautiful coloured sunrises appear as I headed away from them to other jobs, I was eager to make an early start this morning to capture some of the Gold Coasts beautiful coastline at sunrise.
I got up too early, and found myself with no light.
At nearby Burleigh Heads, an iconic bistro had taken beating during a recent storm and I decided to see if there might be a few low light (no light??) images to capture before dawn.
Now I have shot here before, but this morning an approaching storm provided a sensational curtain to separate the glitter strip from the ocean.
Truly a great example of outdoor usage of Artificial Light….

Surfers Paradise lights up an approaching storm.

Surfers Paradise lights up an approaching storm.

Natural light….

10 Feb

An old friend and myself made the early morning (4.00am) trek to the beach to capture sunrise.

Well. Mother Nature was just not in the mood,

Near gale force winds, crashing waves and the air full of salt spray,

I took about 10 images before my lens and glasses had a lovely layer of salt, which did act as a very arty filter.

Pack up, coffee, home time

Here is one when there was a peek of natural light………

Gold Coast Photography

Gold Coast Photography

Return to the Beach……

9 Feb

Christmas, New Year, and then getting the kids back to school, my poor old blog has suffered.

Finally the year is starting to take on a pattern, and I can get back to some personal shooting.

Early mornings, great clouds, its great to return to the beach……

Gold Coast photography

Gold Coast photography