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11 Mar

Blue, Grey, Warm, Cold……

Rough, smooth, inviting or scary.

Some times the ocean is a mirror of the sky,

and other times a complete contrast……..




Cooly Rocks..some of the sights !

13 Jun

Due to the rain and other shoots during the Cooly Rocks Festival, I only got there for an hour or so on a very wet and cold aftrenoon.

However these two shots give an idea about the diversity of style and the tongue in cheek nature of these Rock and Roll, car loving, dance enthusiasts.

The Gold Coast.. a different view…….

11 Jun

It has rained for days, lucky I was shooting in studio this weekend.

I grabbed these shoots during a break in editing Saturdays shoot…all done now.

I got laughed at by a few of the local hardcore surfers, I was tucked up under an umbrella, pressed in close to some rocks to keep the rain off the camera.

This is the second time in as many weeks I have shot from under an umbrella ( see an earlier post about shooting an outdoor fashion event “dedication or stupidity….)


8 May

Strong swells have slammed onto the rocks here on the Gold Coast for the last few days, maybe due to the so-called “Super Moon” or just a passing weather system. So up the valley I went taking shots of sheds, mist, even shots of a friend taking pictures of sheds, mist…you get the idea.

We finished up at a local rock pool and just above the swimming area is a beautiful stream that is fed from the rainforest covered hinterland.

Misty Weather………..

29 Apr

………..well, the Gold Coast version of it anyway.

We have had over 4 inches of rain in the last day or so, and I think that will do.

Outdoor shoots have had to be put off and even a simple walk to the shops with my daughter saw us a arrive a little damp.

I did manage to roll out of bed at 5.00am and scout around for a location for an upcoming location shoot.

Grey skies with misty rain on and off chased me home to a nice warm coffee.


Golden beach……

24 Mar

We have had our far share of rain over the past few weeks, but every now  and again this is what the Gold Coast serves up, just to remind everybody why this Australia’s most popular real estate.

Pin up Style……

13 Mar

Pin up is one of my all time favorites.

Fun, classy and sexy has to be a winning combination.

The fantastic Naomi posed for us recently, and even though the weather ended the shoot early, we still managed to grab a couple of great images.

Many more too come.

Mother Nature is in a Bad Mood…………….

2 Feb

With the weather all over Australia causing disruption to everybody’s lives, spare a thought for this forlorn surfer. Hoodie up in winter fashion, against the chill of the approaching storm, he searches in vain for any sign of  a rideable wave.

The stark beauty and contrast of the cloud front against the clear sky is lost on him.

Waiting, waiting………..

30 Jan

The recent spate of inclement weather has slowed the pace of shooting to a standstill. The location shoots that were planned for the last week are now being rescheduled and in the interim, I am preparing for the up coming Gold Coast Fashion Week, Some of Australia’s’ best established and upcoming designers will present a week full of style, colour and excitement here on the Gold Coast.

I will be teaming up with Nathan from DreamSpace Productions to capture stills and video from this premier event on Australia’s Fashion calendar.

In the meantime, I will be waiting around, like this young lady, Olivia, for the action to start.

Hinterland Beauty………..

26 Jan

With all the rain we have had the Gold Coasts normally beautiful hinterland has raised the bar in the beauty stakes a bit higher. Normally sedate creeks are now raging torrents and trickles over rocks are now waterfalls.

Higher up the valleys, the mist hangs over the limestone escarpments almost till midday and provides a magnificent scene of country life albeit 10 minutes to the beach.