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26 Feb

At last I can post up some images of the shoot with Kristina that came together during fashion week.

The conversation went something like this.

“Only one show tomorrow, it would be good to a arrange a shoot”

” I’ll ask if anybody knows a model for a sunrise shot”

“Good Luck, that’s only 8 hours away”

Ten minutes later we had arranged thru the wonderful Abbi from Runway Express to shoot with Kristina.

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the guys from DreamSpace Productions, well here are some of my shots from the morning.

Kristina is natural, happy and helpful, she never complains, strikes poses seemingly effortlessly and with the instructions over the phone the night before to wear something flowing, she has impeccable style.

Moving Pictures…………..

26 Feb

I am getting on in years, and converting from glass slides to film and now on to the latest digital thingys has been an ongoing steep learning curve, and that’s without throwing in learning how to drive the Mac.

So I take my hat off ( the one that keeps the sun off my widening bald spot) to the new generation off photographer/videographer. Vincent Laforet,  and Chase Jarvis, are just two of the new breed setting the world on fire at the moment. Well guess what, we breed them here as well, Nathan from DreamSpace productions is one that I have been lucky enough to work with on a few shoots and his skills as a conceptualist, director, camera operator and Mac pilot just seem to have grown at a stellar rate every time we team up.

I turn up one bag, some stands and lights and off I go shooting, easy. Nathan and his crew carry out what amounts to a logistics campaign every time, daunting to us stills only togs, but to these guys its just a day at the office. Wires, batteries, drive units, remote focus units and other gadgets that look like they are straight from the Star Wars movies. The incredible thing is that after doing the tech work, they seamlessly change rolls and go all creative.

The equipment is fantastic, but when you combine this with natural talent the results are world-class. Nathan shot his latest piece for the beautiful Kristina, the shot was dreamt up on the spot the night before, gear was carried and assembled at a location that the DreamSpace team had never seen before in the dark early the next morning, the guys shot the footage and a preview clip was presented to the model that day. I exhausted just retelling the tale.

I took some nice stills of the beautiful Kristina and push a button on the BTS shots…….that was enough for this dinosaur.



25 Feb

With the plethora of fashion events occurring to hail new seasons collections worldwide, every now and again a designer stands out with the attention and application of detail on their garments. One such design label is Damsel in this Dress, showcased recently in Queensland.

The sun rises over the sea again………….

25 Feb

It’s funny how you get used to your orientation on earth. For me the sun rises over the sea waking the Gold Coast up at about 5.00am usually with a band of cloud on the horizon, sort of a last window shutter to make the coming of the new day a little gentler.

Recently I spent a couple of days in the outback of Queensland, and each morning I was thrown by seeing the sun rise over a few sparse trees and with a completely bare sky. I suppose it has a beauty of its own, but for me the sun rises with the tide.


No post production required…….

21 Feb

A few posts ago in featured a shoot that was done at the beach with the superb Kristina, she was just great in so many ways..a real professional model.

I went back and review a few shots of her today as is my habit and wondered whether or not some post production may enhance her portrait.

For portraits, head shots that is, I cheat sometimes and use the wonderful Portrait Professional. Most people who go thru this digital make over are amazed by both the result and speed that the process takes.

I put Kristina thru the process and for the first time ever since I started with this enhancement tool, I discovered that she just didn’t need it.

With PP.

Hair and Make Up………

20 Feb

When I get contacted by models to do portfolio work, one of my first questions is, “do you have a hair and make up artist arranged ?”, invariably they say “no, I like the natural look”.

What this translates to is they can’t afford one or they don’t realise the importance of these talented people

You don’t have to go to fashion show levels of creativity to achieve a fantastic result. Most models benefit from even a light make over by a Make Up Artist.

These girls are getting the full treatment for a parade during the Gold Coast Fashion Week.

Runway Smiles…………

20 Feb

New York, London and the Gold Coast are all experiencing fashion fever. Runways are adorned with colour and motion, models walking the walk and photographers lighting the rooms with their flash guns.

One thing we don’t see very often is a smile.

Some shows are very serious, but thankfully here on the Gold Coast during the swimwear parades the girls cut loose a bit and added some fun to the parade.

There was cheeky,

there was happy,

there was saucy,


and plain old lovely.

Thanks girls for adding some fun to an already great show.

Us Time……

19 Feb

I blogged last time about spending more time with the family, well last night the kids swimming club put on a “dive – in” movie with BBQ. Lots of parents and instructors watching the kids have fun, including a good friend who didn’t mind keeping a watchful eye on ours as well as hers.

We bought a bottle of wine from home and found a cheap Chinese restaurant and sat down together for the first time in a while. The meal was terrible, but do you know what, we didn’t care because we were us….and just us for an hour or so.

There were no thoughts of fashion or glamour photography, no thoughts of beauty shots for make up artists, and certainly no thoughts of corporate head shots for people who really don’t want to be photographed.

Thanks friend and thanks to the swimming club for giving us the chance to stroll along the beach contently…. and quietly albeit for a short time.

Blogging Vacation…..

18 Feb

Last week was full on. More than full on, finishing the editing for Gold Coast Fashion Week, some corporate photos plus editing and all the normal stuff on top of that.

About thursday I realised that I had spent no time at all with my wife or family…….put the brakes on Andrew.

No more fashion, beauty or art shoots. No more models and designers, well at least for a few days.

Friday I got in late and my wife had all the jobs done and the kids settled in, it was time to make them the priority.

No blogging, no photo shoots booked in, just family time.

Saturday morning saw the kids doing one of their many activities and my wife and I reeling back time and spending a couple of hours at the beach,alone!!

Wow, what have we been missing, reading, relaxing a quick splash in the ocean and…talking to each other about us not next weeks schedule.

Obviously day-to-day stuff will return, but this micro break did wonders for us both.

Surfing brings the crowds………

15 Feb

Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast is always popular. A beautiful beach with great surf, cafes nearby and a sub tropical headland with a jungle setting make this location a favourite regardless of the weather, but stage a surfing competition with a couple of world class pro’s and bingo, not a parking space within thirty minutes walk.