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Pools days are coming………

8 Nov

We have a storm passing through at the moment, but the days are warming up and it wont be long before the bikinis and sunscreen are out again.

BBQs, cool drinks with friends, yep, Pool days are coming…………..


Models Sarah and Emmalianna 

lazy days are here………

8 Oct

Its heating up on the beautiful Gold Coast. Simmer is returning with a venegance, and soon we will be making the pilgrimage to the beach.

Near where we live is a great location were the rainforest meets the water.

Ideal now that the lazy days are here………………..

Thanks to the beautiful Erin from a previous shoot.

Raise your glasses !! Summer is back………

9 Sep

…well Spring anyway……….

The sun is out, it’s outside time…………

2 Sep

Those who follow this blog, will know that I was expecting clouds to arrive so that i could capture some spectacular seascapes….didn’t happen!!

The sun has been glorious however, and here are a couple from a swimsuit shoot about a week ago including a nice headshot of Sarah taken by my wonderful assistant and even more wonderful wife.


27 Aug

I had a shoot a couple of days ago with an experienced model and one that is new to fashion modelling. I can see the faces of the fashion photographers now, “a new model, that means taking ages to show her how to pose, smile etc, and teamed with an experienced model, arghh!!”

Wrong, although they had never met before the shoot, they got on famously and not once was I waiting for them to be ready, on the contrary it was me that held the shoot up changing camera bodies, lens and other photography stuff.

Sarah who I have shot before is a true professional. Cold, hot, windy or raining, she holds poses, adds creative ideas and always looks great.

Emma is new, but honestly you would never know it. Ready to shoot, quick to change and re-pose, she remains happy and helpful.

Adding to making this shoot fun, was having my wife along to assist, her skills with a camera are certainly fast approaching pro level and her eye for detail is second to none.

Sunshine and Bikinis……….

24 Aug

As summer closes in on the beautiful Gold Coast, designers are starting to display their new season swimwear.

We had a great shoot today for Fashion GC showcasing several designers new wares.

Models Emma and Sarah were fantastic, and certainly displayed the swimwear to its best.

Fashion show time is almost here…….

22 Aug

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival is starting Sunday and going on throughout next week. Established and emerging designers will have the models strutting their wares at the treasury casino in Brisbane.

This will be a great chance to capture the latest looks for the the two organisations I will be shooting for, and a an opportunity to catch up with some other fashion photographers that I haven’t seen for a while.

Late nights and lots of images to process, but hey, someone has to do it!!

come back summer !

3 Aug

The beautiful Gold Coast is bathed in sunshine, but its about 5 degrees on the beach. Even the vibration reduction on the lens cant stop the blur from me shivering.

Bring on the warmth…now!

The morning view………..

11 Jul

The view over the Broadwater on the Gold Coast with model Alless…………

Beach Boys music and a classic truck…………

24 May

The “Cooly Rocks” Festival starts again next week, the festival pays homage to all things Rock and Roll.

Slick hair, booby socks, swirling skirts, rumbling V8s and burger bars..Cooly Rocks has it all.

Coolangatta, the town that hosts the festival is on of the hottest beach destinations along the coast and so there has to be a fair bit of Beach Boys rocking over the beach….