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Balcony Beauty….

5 May

Taken at Komune Resort just prior to a local fashion event.

Make Up by the fabulous Skye from Transformed Make Up

Balcony Beauty

Balcony Beauty


Total Beauty………

18 Sep

Beauty is one of those words that is bandied around fairly loosely these days and yes the old saying is “that beauty is in the eye of the beholder” however Toatal Beauty is easily recognised as a person who radiants an aura from within. This coupled with great gene mix gives us the person who not only looks great but makes you smile just talking with them.

Model Tess is one of these rare creatures, always smiling and laughing, she is still young but possesses a wonderful sense of humour and fun, is well grounded and has an incredible work ethic. Of course she is also incredibly beautiful.

Marry these features with a beautiful location, gorgeous gowns, hair and make up ,a great team and you end up with a shoot to remember.

Truly Total Beauty…………

Make Up Beauty………

20 Jul

I was asked to do a quick shoot of model Dani after local make up guru Kylie, who only uses natural mineral products, had finished a quick make up lesson.

We went to the back of the house and shot Dani between two home made reflectors, a old projector screen as a backdrop and bouncing a speedlight off the verandah roof.

A few levels adjustments and some smoothing as is required for this genre and this was the result…………


Simply Gorgeous…..

10 Jul

Shooting for fashion magazines of either the print or electronic versions is a funny exprience.

On one hand, the images need to be sharp, well lit and topical.

On the other, they are yesterdays news within hours and therefore the temptation is to rush through the shoot and process the images pronto.

Sometimes you get lucky and the model, stylist, in fact the whole cast are on the same page. Regardless of the short life of the images, lets take the time to get the right shot, display the garments to their best,  exhibit the artistic ability of the make up professional and show the model at her most beautiful, the result….simply gorgeous !!

Behind the scenes…a new frontier !

14 Jun

Behind the scenes images or video is now sometimes more awaited than the actual shoot.

At fashion shows, I have had designers say “come back stage, I really want some candid black and whites” this is kinda strange considering they put so much effort into displaying the colour and vibrance of their garments.

Clients also enjoy some bts imagery from their shoots and recently instead of my wife taking on this role the awesome make up artist, Keeora stepped in.

Now we were in a dark studio and low light photography can be a challenge at best, so some of the images are best described as “arty”, but others have worked well and I got a kick out of looking at them.

Photography by Keeora Stephenson, Brilliant MUA/Stylist and budding photographer.


more lounging…….chaise that is………..

12 Jun

Another one from a studio shoot…………..

Studio Fitness……..

12 Jun

I have been in a gym….actually last century (really) I was a bit of a gym junkie.

No more, but when I was asked to do a few shots of  fitness model I was worried.

Did she just want the normal sweaty machine seated shots ?………

No! was the answer, “I want to show just some muscle definition in a dark edgy lit studio”.

I can do that, and the results were just what she wanted….

……the behind the scenes taken by the MUA were fun too.