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Rock Fishing Drenching…….

28 Dec

I have during the course of taking seascapes, been caught by the occasional rogue wave.

It usually means that I go home with drenched shoes,  jeans and lens filters covered in salt spray.

Nothing to really worry about, a quick clean of the filters and camera, hose the tripod off and cover it in WD-40, and put the shoes in the sun.

However the fisherman in this image will think about location and tides a little more before he next casts a hook.

PS he was knocked over by this wave, he got up only to be knocked over twice more…then he packed up and left!!

Rock Fisherman Drenched...


Black and White Beach……

27 Dec

I have downloaded the trial version of Nik Silver FX because after much discussion I have been assured that its the B&W converter to have…

Quite simply, I love it.

Here is one from this morning, Black and White Beach…..

Black and White Beach….


11 Jul

Sometimes an image has far more impact if there is a range of contrast instead of colour…………

Hollywood classic…………..

17 Jun

Vash Te who made an appearance in my fitness shoot, has the posture, grace and beauty to carry off this classic style.

a joy to work with, she is creative and thoughtful, she knows what a great image is and understands the process.

in an earlier era, she would have been a Hollywood classic………

Behind the scenes…a new frontier !

14 Jun

Behind the scenes images or video is now sometimes more awaited than the actual shoot.

At fashion shows, I have had designers say “come back stage, I really want some candid black and whites” this is kinda strange considering they put so much effort into displaying the colour and vibrance of their garments.

Clients also enjoy some bts imagery from their shoots and recently instead of my wife taking on this role the awesome make up artist, Keeora stepped in.

Now we were in a dark studio and low light photography can be a challenge at best, so some of the images are best described as “arty”, but others have worked well and I got a kick out of looking at them.

Photography by Keeora Stephenson, Brilliant MUA/Stylist and budding photographer.


Sunrise textures………..

14 May

I went for a walk the other morning, more to enjoy the beautiful weather than to capture anything special.

But those of you that take pictures will understand that after a while your eyes become a view finder and you start looking at the world around you as potential images.

As I walked across the sands at low tide, past a spot that my family swim at regularly, I noticed the shadows, lines in the bridge and the waves in the exposed sand.

I was compelled to capture and share these Sunrise Textures…………


Surfing in clouds………

6 May

During a little photo-walk this morning with videographer Nathan from DreamSpace productions, we ended up shooting on the rocks at Currumbin Beach.

The tide was high and the swell was up, there were surfers coming from everywhere to get into the action.

The normal entry points off the rocks were constantly getting covered by the heavy swell and this left many surfers contemplating the best way to join the fun…………………..

Vintage Beauty………….

1 May

Hollywood has seen beauty evolve through the decades, from the silent flicks to the present day blockbusters, the most glamourous women in the world have been up in lights on the silver screen.

It’s only recently with the invention of the paparazzi, that we, the ordinary folk have seen what these icons really look like.

From the beginning the movie moguls employed camera and lighting techniques to enhance the beauty of their stars.

Soft focus, light directed to show off the best features, and far away gazes were just a few of the tricks in the bag.

Louise really doesn’t need any tricks to be called beautiful, however she has a look that lends itself to that vintage beauty style………………………

Misty Weather………..

29 Apr

………..well, the Gold Coast version of it anyway.

We have had over 4 inches of rain in the last day or so, and I think that will do.

Outdoor shoots have had to be put off and even a simple walk to the shops with my daughter saw us a arrive a little damp.

I did manage to roll out of bed at 5.00am and scout around for a location for an upcoming location shoot.

Grey skies with misty rain on and off chased me home to a nice warm coffee.


Black and White Beauty………..

23 Apr

Another from the shoot with the beautiful Alless.

She liked the idea of something moody and fashionable, this was taken before she entered the swamp (see the previous post).