Fanning the flames…

2 Jan

It strikes me as odd the way our view of life and our surroundings is skewed by our passion, photography. We look at things in a different light (I am not talking inverse square etc), normal shapes, designs and images change in our built-in sensor, scenes of joy, despair, triumph and tragedy are processed and decisions about depth of field, contrast, hue and saturation, crop ratios come naturally. I find that when I talk with others suffering from the same affliction that they too have already put a slant on what ever they are viewing that would not occur to mere mortals that don’t love photography.

Why would someone slow a shutter to create silky water or reduce an aperture to decrease the level of light?, why because as artists we are driven to create and have a need to produce something a little different. I love studio work, but time is money and therefore don’t get enough time to just play with shadow, contrast, pose and light that I would like, but when I am out and about I find myself constantly looking for a different scene to capture. This morning I had an idea about motion, runners and cyclists, but found myself feeling uncomfortably like a voyeur and moved on. Yes I chickened out, perhaps a greater focal length is needed !

Whilst driving home I spotted a music shop that had been gutted by fire in the last few days and noticing that no barriers were in place, went to investigate and spied this…….I wondered if it fanned the flames?



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