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Sacred Beauty……..

2 Sep

The East Coast of Australia, particularly near the Queensland/New South Wales border is world-famous for its beauty and wonderful climate. Resorts have been springing up for almost half a century and people continue to flock to the region to live in paradise,

From a photography point of view, there is no shortage of incredible locations for fashion shoots, weddings, portraiture and of course sensational landscapes (seascapes really).

I went out early to Coolangatta the other morning, and found a special little cove and beach which orientated to the rising sun nicely and had just enough rock to provide interest in a few long exposure images.

As always happens the sun rose and the time for dawn shots was over, I started packing up when the distinctive sound of a Didgeridoo started accompanied by the sharp sound of wood on wood.

All photographers are by nature nosey…sorry curious, and so I went to look for the origin of the traditional music and found an Aboriginal man about my age cross-legged on the small beach facing the rising sun playing the instruments.

He played for about ten minutes, then gracefully rose and started walking away.

I approached him and explained that I had taken photos of him and asked if he was okay with this.

Russell, as he introduced himself to me, smiled and said that it was just me do a painting of what I had seen albeit in a modern way. He went on to explain that he was greeting his spirits as he does every morning in this very special and sacred place, and that he was happy for people to use the area but just wished that they would show more respect.

What he continued to say was that he realised that non Aboriginal people are not aware of the area’s spiritual significance, but he despairs at the careless littering and graffiti on the rocks which spoils the area for all.

We talked for a short while longer and Russell wandered off, picking up rubbish as he walked away, keeping the area both sacred and beautiful for all.