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Advertising…cheap and effective

14 Jan

Millions, maybe billions are spent each year to motivate us, the consumers to part with our hard-earned cash. Sex, emotions, patriotism, even dubious financial gain are used by companies world-wide to ensure that their cash registers continue to sing ” Cha-ching “. Now we need a vibrant,  fluid economy to ensure growth and keep us and our kids in jobs so I am not about to start berating advertisers for the money they spend.

What I did want to mention was the little man, the mum and pop store that only just survives and has an advertising budget that may buy a packet of lollies and a balloon to give to one customer. How do these retail stalwarts manage to attract spenders to their wares. Inventiveness, that’s how, by doing something that stands out and gets people talking, or that becomes a local identity.

This enterprising deli/general store had colour and fun in mind when they devised their campaign. It sticks out and draws you in. Maybe these people could teach the big boys something…….