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Pools days are coming………

8 Nov

We have a storm passing through at the moment, but the days are warming up and it wont be long before the bikinis and sunscreen are out again.

BBQs, cool drinks with friends, yep, Pool days are coming…………..


Models Sarah and Emmalianna 

Hot + School Holidays + Bored Kids = Water Theme Parks !!

11 Jan

The mercury steadily rose over the last few days and the kids were getting a little restless, so before World War 3 broke out it was time to go to a theme park. The Gold Coast has several to choose from and all of them offer locals’ discount year round passes, these represent great value and enable us to pack a bag and just go, regardless of the state of the Black Hole we call a bank account.

Water, sunscreen, towels and some munchies for after and we are off. Getting there early and being at the front of the line means a shady spot and access to the attractions before the crowds.

We could only stay for a couple of hours and so decided to ride the tubes in the lagoon area…….

….play in the man-made surf……


……and have water dumped all over us !

The chips, biscuits and water were consumed with gusto afterwards…..ahhh, happy kids!!

Playing in the pool……….

26 Dec

My daughter has one of the incredible water proof(3 metres), shock proof, idiot proof point and shoot compacts, so on Boxing day the sun returned to the Gold Coast and into the pool we went. My wife and son held me down under the water(uummh…what was the life insurance value) while my daughter played Ethel Mermen for the camera. Just a bit of fun, I tried triggering a speedlight via the slave  with the on camera flash of the compact, but the water diffused the little flashes’ output too much.

The speedlight was double bagged in zip lock bags and it worked well.