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Its all about the eyes………

16 Mar

People who know me probably get sick of me rambling on about the most important ingredient in a portrait.

With all due respect to the make up artists ( who by the way, are indeed artists), and the hair stylists, and even the fashion stylists, if you don’t capture the subjects eyes then the portrait will never attain the impact you desire.

Obviously some models aside from being blessed with great body genes also were handed dramatic, scene stealing eyes, but not all were so lucky.

So then the photographer steps in, good lighting, great connection with the subject and an understanding of composition will still allow you to capture an image which draws the viewer in.

Pin up Style……

13 Mar

Pin up is one of my all time favorites.

Fun, classy and sexy has to be a winning combination.

The fantastic Naomi posed for us recently, and even though the weather ended the shoot early, we still managed to grab a couple of great images.

Many more too come.

Moving Pictures…………..

26 Feb

I am getting on in years, and converting from glass slides to film and now on to the latest digital thingys has been an ongoing steep learning curve, and that’s without throwing in learning how to drive the Mac.

So I take my hat off ( the one that keeps the sun off my widening bald spot) to the new generation off photographer/videographer. Vincent Laforet, www.laforetvisuals.com  and Chase Jarvis,www.chasejarvis.com are just two of the new breed setting the world on fire at the moment. Well guess what, we breed them here as well, Nathan from DreamSpace productions www.dreamspaceproductions.com.au is one that I have been lucky enough to work with on a few shoots and his skills as a conceptualist, director, camera operator and Mac pilot just seem to have grown at a stellar rate every time we team up.

I turn up one bag, some stands and lights and off I go shooting, easy. Nathan and his crew carry out what amounts to a logistics campaign every time, daunting to us stills only togs, but to these guys its just a day at the office. Wires, batteries, drive units, remote focus units and other gadgets that look like they are straight from the Star Wars movies. The incredible thing is that after doing the tech work, they seamlessly change rolls and go all creative.

The equipment is fantastic, but when you combine this with natural talent the results are world-class. Nathan shot his latest piece for the beautiful Kristina, the shot was dreamt up on the spot the night before, gear was carried and assembled at a location that the DreamSpace team had never seen before in the dark early the next morning, the guys shot the footage and a preview clip was presented to the model that day. I exhausted just retelling the tale.

I took some nice stills of the beautiful Kristina and push a button on the BTS shots…….that was enough for this dinosaur.


Hair and Make Up………

20 Feb

When I get contacted by models to do portfolio work, one of my first questions is, “do you have a hair and make up artist arranged ?”, invariably they say “no, I like the natural look”.

What this translates to is they can’t afford one or they don’t realise the importance of these talented people

You don’t have to go to fashion show levels of creativity to achieve a fantastic result. Most models benefit from even a light make over by a Make Up Artist.

These girls are getting the full treatment for a parade during the Gold Coast Fashion Week.

Runway Smiles…………

20 Feb

New York, London and the Gold Coast are all experiencing fashion fever. Runways are adorned with colour and motion, models walking the walk and photographers lighting the rooms with their flash guns.

One thing we don’t see very often is a smile.

Some shows are very serious, but thankfully here on the Gold Coast during the swimwear parades the girls cut loose a bit and added some fun to the parade.

There was cheeky,

there was happy,

there was saucy,


and plain old lovely.

Thanks girls for adding some fun to an already great show.

Sihoulette…..sort of !!

14 Feb

Just a couple for you too look at, these were taken quickly while the video guys set up. I gave Kristina back to them right as the beautiful sunrise was at its best !

The future of Fashion photography ????………..

13 Feb

Hot on the heels of Nikon announcing the incredible new D800 with a massive 36 megapixel sensor which has caused Nikons pre-order website to crash due to the amount of photographers deciding this is the new camera for them, I spied the lightweight  alternative at the Gold Coast Fashion Week 2012. It certainly reduces the size bag you need to carry all your equipment, but some how I don’t think I will be swapping my Nikon any time soon.

Nicola Finetti….Awesome !!!

12 Feb

The final show was staged last night, ending a packed program full of variety and styles for the Gold Coast Fashion Week 2012. What a finale it was, the innovative designer, Nicola Finetti showcased his collection, full of sharp lines and contrast capturing the local fashionista’s imagination.

The event has been staged flawlessly and all who have been lucky enough to participate are sad to see it end, except we can all now catch up on some much needed sleep.

To see the rest of the collection head over to my Facebook page and be prepared to be amazed. www.facebook.com/andrewplacephotography

Swimwear…watch the crowd gather…………….

12 Feb

Day 3 of the Gold Coast Fashion Week saw swimwear as the drawcard, and what a drawcard it was. Standing several deep behind the seated VIP’s the enormous crowd got a first look at the latest take on bikinis and one piece swimwear.

Less is more was the overall theme with great use of prints to further spice up the offerings.

With seven designers to get through, the events models were strutting their stuff at a feverish pace keeping the fashionistas on the edge of the chairs, or for those standing, on the tips of their toes.

To see more of the designs head over to my Facebook page,  www.facebook.com/andrewplacephotography

One more event to go.

Glamour everywhere…….

12 Feb

It’s normal to see glamorous models everywhere at a premier fashion event like the Gold Coast Fashion Week , but even the interviewer for the local edition of Fashion TV is right up there when it comes to glamour.

Yasmin, from Fashion TV has been working hard interviewing models, designers and fashionistas from all over during the event.

Always with a genuine smile and great questions, she just raises the glamour scale that bit higher.