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Pools days are coming………

8 Nov

We have a storm passing through at the moment, but the days are warming up and it wont be long before the bikinis and sunscreen are out again.

BBQs, cool drinks with friends, yep, Pool days are coming…………..


Models Sarah and Emmalianna 

Supermodels in the making………..

24 Sep

Shoot model competitions is hard, and I know many would disagree. The girls are pretty and the surroundings can be glamorous.

But the young girls have lots riding on the outcome, some train for hours every week to stay in shape, they have beauty regimes that border on sadistic and they spend much of their life wearing towering stilettos up and down steps.

The pay off can, if they are one of the chosen few who make the big time, be huge. However the rest just keeping hoping.

The group of girls I shot the other night knew there could only be one winner and when that person was announced the rest smiled, hugged and generally made the winner feel all the more special.


Well done girls, you all are supermodels in the making……………..

Excitement everywhere…………..

8 Jun

One of the things I enjoy about fashion shows is the level of excitement that is evident amongst the participants.

The organisers and designers are nervous, the make up artists are hurrying around, always smiling with that “nothing is too hard” attitude..

…and the models are smiling, chatting and laughing.

They are so excited they still laugh at my old jokes………


Dedication or stupidity?………………..

5 Jun

At the outdoor fashion show, Fashion on James(see more at http://www.facebook.com/andrewplacephotographyQld ) that I have blooged about, the weather was always going to be an issue.

A blast of winter had zoomed up the coast from colder climates and was drenching the whole region.

Backup plans were in place but they would be no where near as effective exposure for the streets traders, so with the little amount of sunshine that was around the show pressed on outdoors.

It was gret until the last half hour when the heavens opened.

The designer taht was still left to showcase her wares and the models got together and decided to push on, as the only two professional photographers present and with me covering for Fashion TV Australia ( http://www.facebook.com/fashionTVaustralia ) Joel Stafford and myself enlisted to willing mobile umbrella stands and kept shooting.

I got drenched but the Nikon stayed dry………………….

Photo by George Swain Fashion TV Australia

Captured Beauty………….

4 Jun

When you get the images from a fashion show up on your Mac (you do use a Mac, don’t you?) there is a parade (sorry, pun intended) of similar images to process, and that is okay, after all they are a showcase for designers collections.

These parades are of course populated by beautiful, stylish models with fantastic make up and hair.

As the photographer, you are there to capture the garment or whatever is being displayed.

I have to say, I struggle to stay focussed and my lens quite often strays to outstanding beauty.


Stormy weather…………….

1 May

Just a little seascape. I will be shooting a location shot with models near here on the weekend……please don’t rain!!


No show….not cool!!!

22 Apr

Oh No, its rant time.

After 10 email communications, I shifted my ageing body from bed early this morning to do a TFP shoot for a model trying to grow her portfolio.

I like to help, lets face it, I love taking pictures and can afford to give up some time.

People helped me with their time when I started out, so its right to give something back.

After waiting at the arranged location for over half an hour, I tried calling, ……message bank!

I know what your thinking, an emergency could have occurred, her phone might be lost, she may have………the list goes on.

But you know what she probably just slept in………..not cool!!


15 Apr

Yep, a concept shoot for  a  Gold Coast model was sabotaged by the weather.

We had selected several locations to help her achieve the result she was looking for, ranging from parks with buildings being reclaimed by nature to waterfalls, yep it was going to be an epic!

Never mind we have rescheduled and will obtain some great images.

Here is on from an earlier shoot with another fashionable Gold Coast beauty, Kristina.

Colour, glamour and fun……..

1 Apr

Last night I shot an event (more on that soon) with the great folks from Multiplay Entertainment, and once again all the performers were fun, glamorous and talented.

These three young ladies who were magnificently accompanied by the drumming caverellos demonstrating duo worked overtime to entertain the crowd between the headline acts,

and if that wasn’t enough then put on a mini strolling mardigras amongst the wowed audience.

Thanks to the whole troupe for the great entertainment.

Back with Friends…….

24 Mar

I received a welcome phone call the other day from good friend Jodie. the artistic director of Multiplay Entertainment. Unlike so many agencies, Jodie and Multiplay don’t stick to booking safe, boring acts, they make sure they provide Entertainment with a capital E. From cabaret to burlesque, and just about everything in between, the thing I really enjoyed is that the talent are all so friendly. Simply they love their jobs and enjoy entertaining.

Anyway back to the phone call, we will after a bit of a break be teaming up again for some great new projects, life just gets better and better……….