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No show….not cool!!!

22 Apr

Oh No, its rant time.

After 10 email communications, I shifted my ageing body from bed early this morning to do a TFP shoot for a model trying to grow her portfolio.

I like to help, lets face it, I love taking pictures and can afford to give up some time.

People helped me with their time when I started out, so its right to give something back.

After waiting at the arranged location for over half an hour, I tried calling, ……message bank!

I know what your thinking, an emergency could have occurred, her phone might be lost, she may have………the list goes on.

But you know what she probably just slept in………..not cool!!

Portfolio Shoot…….

6 Jan

I had the pleasure of doing a portfolio for a beginner model today. She was enthusiastic, happy, and had a great sense of fun.

She just wanted to get a small selection of different poses to start a portfolio and being here on the Gold Coast, we made use of one of the local headlands and creeks.

The sun is up at 4.30am here and the model travelled for over an hour to get to the location, so the sun was well and truly shining down, usually there are clouds to form a natural diffuser but not today.

We moved location and varied the style.

And included some Black and White for a dramatic touch.

Of course being the Gold Coast there had to be a bikini shot, but what a great location.



Right outside my door……

4 Jan

A large meal after a swim with the family at the local creek meant that I needed to walk off that full feeling before bed. Naturally being a photographic tragic, I grabbed the Nikon D5000 and went towards the creek. Now for those unfortunate enough not to live on the beautiful Gold Coast, you need to realise that the sun sets behind hills that form a rainforest backdrop for the golden beaches, meaning that unless you can gain reasonable elevation you just have a glow on the hilly horizon.

The creek of course is just above sea level so I needed to look for something else to shoot. Man made structure aren’t really my favourite genre, but now and again, an image just presents itself and is different or quirky enough to be captured.

The rest of the week is booked to model portfolios and maybe some product work so this might be my only opportunity to have a bit of a play.

Of course, it would be remiss of me to not remind non-Gold Coasters of want they are missing.