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Hair and Make Up………

20 Feb

When I get contacted by models to do portfolio work, one of my first questions is, “do you have a hair and make up artist arranged ?”, invariably they say “no, I like the natural look”.

What this translates to is they can’t afford one or they don’t realise the importance of these talented people

You don’t have to go to fashion show levels of creativity to achieve a fantastic result. Most models benefit from even a light make over by a Make Up Artist.

These girls are getting the full treatment for a parade during the Gold Coast Fashion Week.

Us Time……

19 Feb

I blogged last time about spending more time with the family, well last night the kids swimming club put on a “dive – in” movie with BBQ. Lots of parents and instructors watching the kids have fun, including a good friend who didn’t mind keeping a watchful eye on ours as well as hers.

We bought a bottle of wine from home and found a cheap Chinese restaurant and sat down together for the first time in a while. The meal was terrible, but do you know what, we didn’t care because we were us….and just us for an hour or so.

There were no thoughts of fashion or glamour photography, no thoughts of beauty shots for make up artists, and certainly no thoughts of corporate head shots for people who really don’t want to be photographed.

Thanks friend and thanks to the swimming club for giving us the chance to stroll along the beach contently…. and quietly albeit for a short time.

Make Up Artists..the unsung heros !

23 Jan

The glamorous face, the perfect lashes, the inviting lips…most models believe it or not look like this in reality. Sure they have been blessed with great bone structure, lovely eyes, height and the right curves, but they all still have the same skin breakouts, the pimple, the cracked lips, the dry hair and freckles……do you feel a bit better now? Yes they are human after all.

This is where the make up artist steps in. Layers of secret potions and paints are applied with an amazing array of brushes and sponges, glues and glitter are placed with delicate care and talons are filed down and then buffed up to become the fabulous finishing point of the models delicate smooth hand.

They work in cramped, poorly lit spaces trying not to trip over bags of equipment  always mindful that us photographers are glancing at our watches, thinking of thee next client that is coming in.

Then we take them outdoors and asked them to perform the same miracles with no bench, the wind howling and the model complaining of being bitten by bugs.

Take a moment to thank these maestros, for they add that special touch that lifts a good image into a great one.

Natural Talent…………

14 Jan

I love working with models. They are a slice of humanity, some have the gift, some don’t, some think they do and some just work hard to try to get it. They all share something….the desire to be seen, and there is nothing wrong with that. Their gene make up has meant that they are, in the main, that 10 percent of the population that is….beautiful.

Being beautiful however does not in itself guarantee success in the modelling game, oh no, a model also needs to understand that although the finished image, or the appearance on the catwalk looks to the general public as glamorous, the reality is hard work, in terrible conditions wearing clothes that are too tight, itchy or just downright torturous.

They also have to be able to cope with designers, make up artists ( the most undervalued profession in the world ) and us demanding photographers. You now how location direction goes, ” Bend backwards a little more so that sharp rock stabs you in the back while the freezing wave crashes over you, smile, the image will be amazing !” The thing is the good one’s do it, never complaining, ready to shoot regardless of discomfort and then when reviewing the image the look at us photographers and gush that we are amazing. Its sooo good for the ego !

In the studio, although there are no rocks, waves or insects to distract the model, there are long sessions of smiling, reposing and making minor adjustments to lights, costumes etc. Once again the good ones shine thru, Like Krystal, who I have had the pleasure of working with for a local designer. Happy, helpful, creative and always ready, she is a model model !   And yes she is definitely in that 10 percent of the gene pool .

Its a hard life (not)………

5 Nov

When a designer says ” do you think you would have time to do some shots of some of my designs for a magazine editorial?’, I have to say it doesn’t take long to reply yes!!.

The logistics of these style of shoots can blow all out of proportion to the end result, but for this shoot for award-winning designer Nerina Battaglia, it was easy. Her design office is located one street back from Gold Coast party central, Caville Ave, in an 18 story building with two pool decks,nice!! With the setting sun as a backdrop for the first part of the shoot, mother nature provided a colourful canvas. Using only two Nikon SB600s as fill we managed to capture both the amazing detail of Nerinas workmanship and the beautiful display that so often is provided at sunset here on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

The awesome ability of Olivia from Warpaint Make Up meant that by the time we had relocated to the lower pool deck opposite the Hard Rock Cafe, our South Australian model Sheree had a complete clothing change and new make up applied. Never underestimate the importance of a great make up artist, not only do they do the make up but their ever critical eye can pick up all the faults that take so long in post production to fix. All too soon, thanks to the great team we had, the shoot was over, and I was left realising that, taking pictures with great Nikon products surrounded by talented, enthusiastic people in one of the world most beautiful locations isn’t so bad. It’s a hard life, not!