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Hollywood Sarah………

30 Sep

A Hollywood Glamour Style edit from an earlier era, introducing Hollywood Sarah………..

Vintage Beauty………….

1 May

Hollywood has seen beauty evolve through the decades, from the silent flicks to the present day blockbusters, the most glamourous women in the world have been up in lights on the silver screen.

It’s only recently with the invention of the paparazzi, that we, the ordinary folk have seen what these icons really look like.

From the beginning the movie moguls employed camera and lighting techniques to enhance the beauty of their stars.

Soft focus, light directed to show off the best features, and far away gazes were just a few of the tricks in the bag.

Louise really doesn’t need any tricks to be called beautiful, however she has a look that lends itself to that vintage beauty style………………………


23 Jan

Grace…it’s an old-fashioned word, not one that can be applied often in todays hustle and bustle. Through the ages there have been those that displayed grace in the fashion they wear, the way they wore the garments or just the way they carried themselves.

To me Audrey Hepburn was a symbol of grace and style. Sometimes she played a scallywag, sometimes the model of seriousness, but always with a natural grace, almost feline for want of a better word.

A while back I was able to shoot Tina, who I have mentioned before, in an Audrey themed shoot. Tina is one of the people who have grace, she moves quietly and without fuss, poses without restraint and can call on just the right expression to complete a scene.

Hollywood style……..

18 Jan

I have spent some time rearranging my archives this past week and was looking thru a shoot I did with a young woman who wanted something nice, but different for her husband.  She has quite a classic look and has a body shape more reminiscent of some of the Hollywood starlets of old.


She jumped at the chance to dress up in vintage clothing and have stylish make up applied. Honestly I recommend this style of photo shoot to all  hard-working mums, career women and those just craving a bit of “me” time. She didn’t have to worry about being a little out of shape, the make up artist and I set out just to enhance her natural beauty and make her the centre of attention…for an hour or two anyway!

We shot this young lady in a variety of dresses and locations whilst she basked in the spotlight of being a modern-day Glamour girl.

Real Glamour……

22 Oct

Those of us in the photography game (and it truly is a game), see advertisements for glamour shoots all the time. Heavily discounted, some as low as $50.00 including make up and simple hair styling. Targeted at a certain demographic usually, these studios in the main have 5 or 6 poses and styles, use the same lighting every time and then charge huge amounts for the finished product weeks later. If this is what your heart desires then great, however I truly believe that most women given correct lighting, creative direction, costuming that doesn’t make them feeling uncomfortable to the point of being embarrassed have the ability to be glamorous. Hollywood got it right in the thirties and forties, great lighting is the key and then add a little softness and you have real glamour. Copious amounts of bare flesh is not glamour, although in the right setting it can be glamorous but that is a whole different genre.