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The Watch Tower……..

2 Oct

Although the weather has been a little moody this week, summer and days at the beach are just around the corner.

The fabulous people of our surf life saving clubs will once again give their time freely to keep us safe.

It is a great comfort to look around and to see them manning the watch tower…………

Footprints to fun…………

1 Oct

With summer just around the corner, I think these steps will soon be covered with footprints to fun……….

Hot + School Holidays + Bored Kids = Water Theme Parks !!

11 Jan

The mercury steadily rose over the last few days and the kids were getting a little restless, so before World War 3 broke out it was time to go to a theme park. The Gold Coast has several to choose from and all of them offer locals’ discount year round passes, these represent great value and enable us to pack a bag and just go, regardless of the state of the Black Hole we call a bank account.

Water, sunscreen, towels and some munchies for after and we are off. Getting there early and being at the front of the line means a shady spot and access to the attractions before the crowds.

We could only stay for a couple of hours and so decided to ride the tubes in the lagoon area…….

….play in the man-made surf……


……and have water dumped all over us !

The chips, biscuits and water were consumed with gusto afterwards…..ahhh, happy kids!!

How things change……

29 Dec

I have often commented on the changes that have occurred to the way we live over the last century, if fact in my last post I wrote about the changes in air travel. Well today I took my kids into the Brisbane CBD to an area known as South Bank. Now lots of cities around the world are developing central areas into entertainment precincts, crammed with cafes, restaurants, public spaces inhabited by street artists (aka buskers), usually close to business areas to reduce travel for city dwellers and to attract dollars back into the city during holidays and weekends.

Today I counted over twenty eateries in a kilometre stretch along the South Bank area, including one Bistro that provided leather and cane sun lounges for its dinners ? I don’t know about you, but I think the only appropriate food to eat on a reclining lounge is peeled grapes, hand fed to you by a nubile waitress/waiter depending on your orientation. Ice cream, milkshakes, hot chips (fries) along with Italian, Thai, and ten other exotic cuisines where offered, and with the kids in tow milk shakes were the drink de jour.

South Bank is kids heaven for more than just food of questionable nutritional value, for some long sighted town planner included a beach themed water park.

A lagoon with real sandy beach, a rainforest creek, and so many squirting, splashing play zones that the sound of laughter and squealing could be heard from the underground car park.

All this clever construction started me thinking about what we has kids regarded as wonderful. A rope from a branch over a creek was the stuff that memories were built on, flying thru the air attempting to create mini tsunamis all over your friends was the best fun.A bit of research and I found this picture of an early swimming bath on the banks of the Brisbane river not far from the current epi-centre of entertainment……How things change ( I bet the laughter was just as loud).