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History surrounds us…..

1 Nov

In this very young nation, we tend as a whole, to be focussed on looking forward and only remembering snippets of our short colonisation history.

Older countries such as England or Italy revere their past, and even the good ‘ole USA pays homage to the early settlers with much more fanfare than here in Oz. The older city’s of our great nation have monuments dotted around and some truly wonderful examples of colonial architecture. But one area that we tend to shun is cemeteries. These are archeological sites where no digging (creepy) is required.

Overseas’ it is seen as quite normal to make a wax rubbing of a persons headstone, whether they be famous, infamous or that the headstone is unusual. Here in Australia, there are only a handful of groups that participate in this art of recording the past. I am aware that there are only a relative few famous headstones that can be viewed or rubbed, however there are small, obscure grave sites dotted all over the wide brown land, and they tell stories of hardship, boom and bust and diversity. Next time you’re in the country and you see a small grave site, take a five minute break and have a look. It’s not disrespectful, after all your just stopping by to say gidday.

The following image was taken in a relocated cemetery near the Qld/NSW border that had been moved for the construction of the freeway. Headstones in this location dated as far back as 1824, a long time in our short history