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The Sport of Gentlemen……….

21 Jan

Pugilism, boxing, scrapping, brawling…..to the untrained eye they all look the same. Grown men belting each other, quite often till one is knocked out or at least reduced to a bloody pulp !  So most of us in the general population scorn the participants and dismiss the sport as the realm of thugs. Recently I have been doing some work at a remote construction site, and to my surprise there are a large number of grown men who daily train and train hard in the art of fighting.

Most do it as a cardio workout and probably sub-consciously to relieve some of the days tensions, whilst others are genuinely training for bouts in their chosen discipline. They are not all young men with too much testosterone coursing thru their bodies, a large number are middle-aged and are trying hard to win their fight with the ageing process. They wear the appropriate fashion, brands that are linked to fights between the superstars of the game.

The two blokes I photographed in the housing camps gym are both smart, articulate professionals with a great sense humour and gentler men you could not hope to meet, until they glove up. Heaven help the punching bag !!