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Shadowed beauty….

18 Apr

An image from a earlier shoot, Erin, who was fantastic, climbing over rocks, into trees, getting hammered by waves.

We ended the shoot at one of my favourite spots, it is very tranquil and reminds many people of a deserted tropical beach with trees meeting the sea.

golden beach beauty……………

16 Apr

Yes, I know this shot of Kendall is from an earlier shoot but we are working together again soon and since its still raining here I thought this would make us all feel warm again.

Back to the beach…………..

24 Mar

Dust off the bikini and boardshorts the sun has reappeared here on the Gold Coast……………..

Runway Smiles…………

20 Feb

New York, London and the Gold Coast are all experiencing fashion fever. Runways are adorned with colour and motion, models walking the walk and photographers lighting the rooms with their flash guns.

One thing we don’t see very often is a smile.

Some shows are very serious, but thankfully here on the Gold Coast during the swimwear parades the girls cut loose a bit and added some fun to the parade.

There was cheeky,

there was happy,

there was saucy,


and plain old lovely.

Thanks girls for adding some fun to an already great show.

Swimwear…watch the crowd gather…………….

12 Feb

Day 3 of the Gold Coast Fashion Week saw swimwear as the drawcard, and what a drawcard it was. Standing several deep behind the seated VIP’s the enormous crowd got a first look at the latest take on bikinis and one piece swimwear.

Less is more was the overall theme with great use of prints to further spice up the offerings.

With seven designers to get through, the events models were strutting their stuff at a feverish pace keeping the fashionistas on the edge of the chairs, or for those standing, on the tips of their toes.

To see more of the designs head over to my Facebook page,  www.facebook.com/andrewplacephotography

One more event to go.

At the Beach….

7 Jan

Another early morning here on the Gold Coast to shoot another portfolio builder for a model who hadn’t updated for over a year. Sunrise is early here, so it was a 5.30am start, yep clicked the shutter at 5.30am with a model ready to go, hooray!

The young girl arrived made up, hair done, and in a great dress.

We moved location to suit the sun’s movement and give her the right backdrop for her clothing choice.

These were all shot with speedlights.


A day off tomorrow…..damn!!

Portfolio Shoot…….

6 Jan

I had the pleasure of doing a portfolio for a beginner model today. She was enthusiastic, happy, and had a great sense of fun.

She just wanted to get a small selection of different poses to start a portfolio and being here on the Gold Coast, we made use of one of the local headlands and creeks.

The sun is up at 4.30am here and the model travelled for over an hour to get to the location, so the sun was well and truly shining down, usually there are clouds to form a natural diffuser but not today.

We moved location and varied the style.

And included some Black and White for a dramatic touch.

Of course being the Gold Coast there had to be a bikini shot, but what a great location.



Its great to see the sea……

21 Dec

Home again after another stint in the bush. One of the things I miss the most after the obvious ones, my wife and kids, is the ability to just spend time looking at the sea. Where we live here on the Gold Coast, there are several headlands where ancient volcanic rock spills into the ocean, covered in the main with lush sub tropical forest. If you look one way you can see the high rises of Surfers Paradise, look the other and there is a scene straight out “Bali Hi” or some other Hollywood adventure/romance epic.

I am always amazed that these locations can take on such different characters depending on the mood of the weather, when its sunny and calm, there are kids playing on their boogie boards, a game of cricket spilling over amongst the bikini clad girls working on their tans, then the next time you look the weather has become sullen and moody, and there are threatening waves clawing the sand from the foreshore, with wind that delights in blowing your hat out to sea.

I just love the ever-changing feel of the coast, and it is the best way to feel alive again after the rigors of time spent away from family and home.