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The Watch Tower……..

2 Oct

Although the weather has been a little moody this week, summer and days at the beach are just around the corner.

The fabulous people of our surf life saving clubs will once again give their time freely to keep us safe.

It is a great comfort to look around and to see them manning the watch tower…………

Beach Colour……….

3 Feb

I have written before about Australia’s fantastic volunteer Surf Life Savers. Whilst out for a little seascape walk this morning I noticed that the local clubs were preparing for a competition weekend.

Each club has is shade tent and with a nice sunrise they added colour to the beautiful beach at Kirra.

Sunrise over the Southern Cross……

22 Jan

I got up early this morning, the rain had been tumbling down all night and that means that the sunrise is usually spectacular. However there were a few to many clouds for a really awesome display of colour and I had limited time as everyone in the house had work and school today. This was shot with the Nikon D5000 and Sigma 10-20 on a tripod with remote release.

The Southern Cross is on the flag for all to see, and I am sure most Australians can, without much difficulty locate this celestial icon.

Here at Burleigh Heads, it has been laid out on the beach lookout to reflect the heavens above, so today I thought I would share sunrise over the Southern Cross. This area will be used in an upcoming fashion shoot to add even more beauty.


21 Jan

Driving back from a job in central Queensland the other day, I realised that I was early for my flight and decided to take a few shoots from the local sugar cane growing area. The dramatic burn offs before harvest are a thing of the past and the little trains are no longer steam-driven, but the is a feeling of history throughout the region. Some of the old houses literally scream long hours, large families, and laughter, others desperation and despair.  I will go back a capture some of the areas buildings another time when I can do the dwellings justice. Some of the old houses and outbuildings are works of art, some are just structures of necessity.

Some of the carriages for the trains are just left standing in remote shunting yards waiting silently for the next harvest.

The whole area is so vividly green and lush, such a contrast to the inland across the nearby range.

Even the mill stood quietly waiting for the next influx of cane which will eventually make its way to our cupboards, a sweet reward for such hard work.

Fit and Healthy

19 Jan

Coming from a medical background I can confidently say that not all of the people involved in medicine are the fittest or healthiest members of our community. Long hours combined with accumulated fatigue and easy access to fast food can be the undoing of some in the profession, then there are the others, the one’s that seem to be able to fit in extra shifts, massive study loads and extreme sports.

I was lucky enough a while ago to shoot some stills to promote a team of South Australian Paramedics entry in the National Adventure Racing championships. This form of extreme sport requires competitors to master several disciplines including kayaking and mountain biking and to race over some of the roughest country Australia has. Competing in teams of four, they have to overcome not only the physical hardships but also the mental demons that come when you push yourself to the very edge.

These young blokes seem to take all this in their stride so effortlessly and knowing this reinforces my confidence in the quality of paramedics on our roads today.

These shots were taken near the estuary at Port Noarlunga, and the guys were forced to run, jump, paddle and ride, time and time again in quickly diminishing light to get the shots they needed.  

No snow …..just rain

23 Dec

Well, the sunny Gold Coast looks like being the rainy Gold Coast for the Christmas holidays. The weather department has indicated that up to six cyclonic lows will build up over the summer. Now not too many people will be happy with that, especially after last years disastrous flooding, however there is always some groups of people who look forward to extreme weather events.

Here on the coast its the surfers, the thought of ten to twelve-foot waves’ is totally fully sick, dude, and of course there is the photography buffs.

Wild weather tests us completely, firstly most of us use digital equipment. Ummm..water and electronics, break out the plastic bags, rubber bands or the specially designed camera condoms to keep the water away from the all important sensor. Next, the lighting, dark, light, dark as gale force winds blow clouds across our area of interest. And then, there is the wind itself, threatening to topple your expensive pride and joy with two kilos of lens  and filter system attached into the rapidly growing muddy quagmire at your feet, or a very least leave you with an image so blurry that it looks like a panning trial gone terribly wrong.

Still its fun to get out and see another side to this wonderful area of Australia, sunny beaches littered with tanned bikini babes can get a little ho-hum.

Its great to see the sea……

21 Dec

Home again after another stint in the bush. One of the things I miss the most after the obvious ones, my wife and kids, is the ability to just spend time looking at the sea. Where we live here on the Gold Coast, there are several headlands where ancient volcanic rock spills into the ocean, covered in the main with lush sub tropical forest. If you look one way you can see the high rises of Surfers Paradise, look the other and there is a scene straight out “Bali Hi” or some other Hollywood adventure/romance epic.

I am always amazed that these locations can take on such different characters depending on the mood of the weather, when its sunny and calm, there are kids playing on their boogie boards, a game of cricket spilling over amongst the bikini clad girls working on their tans, then the next time you look the weather has become sullen and moody, and there are threatening waves clawing the sand from the foreshore, with wind that delights in blowing your hat out to sea.

I just love the ever-changing feel of the coast, and it is the best way to feel alive again after the rigors of time spent away from family and home.

Night Lights

17 Dec

When you wander around any western city during the day, almost all give off the same feeling of imprisonment. Concrete, steel, roads jammed with honking, impatient people hurrying to the next item they must tick off their daily list, not very appealing. Now I grant you some cities do have areas of beauty and charm, but in reality these areas are fast being swallowed by the concrete jungle. Asian cities in contrast are kaleidoscopes of colour and texture, inter-spaced with remnants of nature trying to reestablish its foothold on the landscape.

Bring on the night, and all of a sudden our western rock piles take on a completely different character, they are lit up in every colour of the rainbow. Skyscrapers, sports grounds, bridges, and cathedrals are outlined in permanent fairy lights. Office blocks get creative and switch on lights on different levels to create logos or messages. In some more culturally vulgar cities, whole areas are transformed into garish billboards advertising all nature of things.

Western cities really do look their finest at night and those cities that are blessed with natural features such as rivers take on unbelievable levels of beauty. The following image is taken from near Kangaroo Point on the Brisbane River looking across at the CBD of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.Image

The down side to this show display is the need to generate the power, but even pewer stations can look kinda cool at night.