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Hot + School Holidays + Bored Kids = Water Theme Parks !!

11 Jan

The mercury steadily rose over the last few days and the kids were getting a little restless, so before World War 3 broke out it was time to go to a theme park. The Gold Coast has several to choose from and all of them offer locals’ discount year round passes, these represent great value and enable us to pack a bag and just go, regardless of the state of the Black Hole we call a bank account.

Water, sunscreen, towels and some munchies for after and we are off. Getting there early and being at the front of the line means a shady spot and access to the attractions before the crowds.

We could only stay for a couple of hours and so decided to ride the tubes in the lagoon area…….

….play in the man-made surf……


……and have water dumped all over us !

The chips, biscuits and water were consumed with gusto afterwards…..ahhh, happy kids!!