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No snow …..just rain

23 Dec

Well, the sunny Gold Coast looks like being the rainy Gold Coast for the Christmas holidays. The weather department has indicated that up to six cyclonic lows will build up over the summer. Now not too many people will be happy with that, especially after last years disastrous flooding, however there is always some groups of people who look forward to extreme weather events.

Here on the coast its the surfers, the thought of ten to twelve-foot waves’ is totally fully sick, dude, and of course there is the photography buffs.

Wild weather tests us completely, firstly most of us use digital equipment. Ummm..water and electronics, break out the plastic bags, rubber bands or the specially designed camera condoms to keep the water away from the all important sensor. Next, the lighting, dark, light, dark as gale force winds blow clouds across our area of interest. And then, there is the wind itself, threatening to topple your expensive pride and joy with two kilos of lens  and filter system attached into the rapidly growing muddy quagmire at your feet, or a very least leave you with an image so blurry that it looks like a panning trial gone terribly wrong.

Still its fun to get out and see another side to this wonderful area of Australia, sunny beaches littered with tanned bikini babes can get a little ho-hum.

World Record Bikini Parade…

2 Oct

Queensland’s sunny Surfers Paradise confirmed the “paradise” tag today when the new world record was attempted for the number of beautiful girls in a bikini parade. Setting out from the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club, the collection of tanned, toned and made up girls promenaded along the beach for a distance of 1.6 kms and were counted through a stage/runway to the cheers of the thousands of people who had turned out on this glorious day. Not only had all these lovely girls given their time to attempt the record, but they had also paid $25.00 to register for the event.

All the money raised was then donated in full to the wonderfully dedicated people at the Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. These funds will be put to great use protecting the thousands of people who yearly flock to this iconic stretch of sand.

A big thanks to the girls for posing for photos, and a huge pat on the back for the organisers for making it all happen.

Now did the record get broken, well no, it got smashed, 332 bikini clad maidens were required and in true Aussie spirit, 357 girls of Queensland strutted their stuff. Well done all, great fun, great location and a very worthy cause.