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Burleigh sunrise………

2 Apr

Burleigh Heads is a remarkable location.

Great surfing on one side, family friendly swimming on the other.

Fishing of all kinds and beautiful walks thru rainforest with remnants  of ancient volcanos all around.

Its hard to find a great location to shoot from, but my favourite is along the Eastern edge amongst the basalt pillars and boulders.

Its easy to get up early to catch the Burleigh sunrise……

Burleigh sunrise

Burleigh sunrise

Playful Sunrise…….

18 May

Whilst having a little walk down at beautiful Burleigh Heads, I spotted the sun framed in this   play equipment.

Great place for a chat…………

15 May

I am not a surfer, I am not even a beginner and I kinda wish I was……………..because I love a chat.

I will chat about the weather, politics(if I want to go to sleep), food, travel and most obviously photography.

So it came as a revelation to me that all these hard-core surfers were really doing is finding a great place for a chat………….

The Early Bird………….

10 May

…..or photographer catches the sunrise (I am not that fond of worms).

Nathan from and myself made the early start to catch the sunrise for some long exposure experiments prior to a planned shoot coming soon.

The swell as I said the other day was up, but the sunrise never fails to make you feel glad that you have made the effort to be there.

This shot is of Nathan capturing some moon shots with the rising sun starting behind him.


Shadowed beauty….

18 Apr

An image from a earlier shoot, Erin, who was fantastic, climbing over rocks, into trees, getting hammered by waves.

We ended the shoot at one of my favourite spots, it is very tranquil and reminds many people of a deserted tropical beach with trees meeting the sea.

Fashionable serenity……….

26 Mar

I had a shoot with a family early in the morning the other day, and as usual I was way too early.

The family lives along some of the canals here on the Gold Coast which is situated right next to the fashionable, yet peaceful and serene resort suburb of Sanctuary Cove.

The suburb has grown up around the golf course and marina, with a lovely village feel too it.

Art and beauty are everywhere in the grounds and even the small lakes that dot the different areas add to that feeling of serenity ……….

Golden beach……

24 Mar

We have had our far share of rain over the past few weeks, but every now  and again this is what the Gold Coast serves up, just to remind everybody why this Australia’s most popular real estate.

The sun rises over the sea again………….

25 Feb

It’s funny how you get used to your orientation on earth. For me the sun rises over the sea waking the Gold Coast up at about 5.00am usually with a band of cloud on the horizon, sort of a last window shutter to make the coming of the new day a little gentler.

Recently I spent a couple of days in the outback of Queensland, and each morning I was thrown by seeing the sun rise over a few sparse trees and with a completely bare sky. I suppose it has a beauty of its own, but for me the sun rises with the tide.


Sihoulette…..sort of !!

14 Feb

Just a couple for you too look at, these were taken quickly while the video guys set up. I gave Kristina back to them right as the beautiful sunrise was at its best !

Rain, rain…..enough all ready!!

24 Jan

Rain….I know we have to have it, but please it’s now getting in the way of shooting.

One person has had to cancel a fashion on location idea and now the weekend is looking like going under (pun intended, sorry)

So to cheer myself up here are a few shots I prepared earlier.

When there was more than Ducks out and about,

and some beautiful sunrises.