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24 May

Only someone who is totally naive would believe that women don’t have a special power over the mere male.

A fast car and stylish, sultry woman will change even the most steadfast mans mind……..


19 May

Sometimes even the most beautiful of women still have that air of innocence.

Chantelle was one of these rare models, fashionably aloof and yet always ready for the shot, throughout a long afternoon there was not one missed shot of this fantastic talent…

A true genius……

11 May

Over the course of your life, if your lucky, you will meet a handful of people who through hard work and gained experience are really masters of their trade.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few in different professions

the man who taught me to fly gliders, Jimmy Jones, a true gentleman who should have been born with wings,

a good friend Irving, who can really turn his hand to anything and produce incredible results and yet make it seem easy, on top of being always willing to help,

and tonight, I had the privilege to meet and watch Joe McNally  ( ) create beautiful images,

Joe had the mix of enthusiast and professionals laughing, shaking their heads in amazement, laughing, questioning their skills, laughing…you get the picture(pun kinda intended)

A master of light, Joe took the time to explain, in layman’s terms, how to completely stuff up an image and then turn it into a winner.

I was lucky enough to talk to the man for a few minutes and he was just like talking to any other photographer…enthusiastic, friendly and passionate about our art form, not only that he is just a really nice bloke.

Have look at his website and blog, I guarantee you will be caught up by the enthusiasm and  skill.

Vulnerable Beauty…………

5 May

Sometimes when I shoot a model, it doesn’t take very long to realise that she has a certain character or persona, and that is what she will display throughout the shoot regardless of costuming, make up or location.

However occasionally I work with a model who is multi faceted, who can change emotion at a drop of a hat, with feeling and realism.

Some can go from happy to sad, innocent to sultry but very rarely do you see the change from utter self-confidence to complete vulnerability.

The beautiful Alless is one such talented model, completely at ease as the confident, glamorous fashionable bride but within minutes so able to express the emotions of fear and vulnerability…………


Stunning Beauty………………

23 Apr

We battled light all thru this shoot, the sun couldn’t have been any brighter and a planned shot in a water feature just produced a blown out snap shoot, so after scouting around we found this little fall and got to work.

I shot from a bridge about 20 metres away with both speedlites bare at 1/4 aiming at Alless from camera right.

The result….Stunning!

Swamp Beauty……………….

22 Apr

Swamp beauty…..what the ?, the two words don’t really go together in normal conversation.

Yesterday Alless and myself shot her in various locations locally,aiming to achieve a style that is new to her.

She did so well, and nothing put her off, so when I suggested she hop into this lake filled with weeds, lilies and large lizards swimming around (not crocodiles) she was only to eager.


After a couple of shrieks, she regained her confidence and  worked the scene beautifully.

A change of style……….

21 Apr

A lot of the shoots I have doing lately have been very much about the beach…and theres nothing wrong with that, but it does get a bit stale.

Today I shot Alless, a bikini model who also was feeling like a change.

A fifty dollar op shop wedding dress, a nice park and we had a great time, shooting something different.

There are a few more to come, but here is a teaser.

golden beach beauty……………

16 Apr

Yes, I know this shot of Kendall is from an earlier shoot but we are working together again soon and since its still raining here I thought this would make us all feel warm again.


15 Apr

Yep, a concept shoot for  a  Gold Coast model was sabotaged by the weather.

We had selected several locations to help her achieve the result she was looking for, ranging from parks with buildings being reclaimed by nature to waterfalls, yep it was going to be an epic!

Never mind we have rescheduled and will obtain some great images.

Here is on from an earlier shoot with another fashionable Gold Coast beauty, Kristina.

Monochrome beauty……….

14 Apr

Yep, I am a sucker for monochrome. Colour can add dimension, display tragedy, portray joy and happiness but for me the simplicity of black and white removes distraction and allows the viewer to focus on the subject.

Be it a capture of age, feeling or as in this case beauty there are no filters, no curtains to peer through, you are just presented with the image and then you, the viewer can interpret the image without interference or corruption.

A lot heavier than my standard posts I know, but for me monochrome is special, not something to be used all the time, not a fashion fad, not arty, just plain and simply beautiful.