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Eating my words………

17 Aug

“You know mate, I just don’t enjoy taking pictures without people in them !”. Only yesterday I made this rather grandiose statement, and now I am looking like a complete muppet because just this morning after the school run, I took the Nikon D7oo with 24 – 70/ 2.8 attached and went for a walk along the iconic Burleigh beach. Far to late for imposing sunrises, it was just a case of point and shoot and enjoy the day, weather and the fact that there was no expectation to provide the next Ansel Adams masterpiece in fact I really thought it would just be a nice walk, the chance to say G’day to some now familiar locals and play with the camera. But guess what, the abstract creative juices flowed and I found myself looking at shells and pebbles, driftwood and even clouds. Framing, composing, rule of thirds, the magic ratio, white balance, yep it was all just there and the thunderbolt struck, when you love doing this it becomes ingrained and even when you don’t plan to shoot anything in particular the artist inside is always seeing life through a viewfinder trying to capture a slice of this very special world. In effect we, the photographers of the world are also historical artists. Cool isn’t it and you thought you were taking happy snaps.

I also learnt a second lesson today whilst browsing one of the local e-papers entertainment sections, two upcoming events were advertised, so bold as brass I emailed to see if they had event photographers squared away or not, and guess what ?, yours truly has secured both positions, one this week, one the week after, and have since been contacted and asked to shoot at the rehearsals and do the VIP pics…who dares clicks…not quite as catchy is it.