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Jungle beauty…..

4 Apr

Fashion is a funny thing,

Whats in today is old tomorrow, and then in ten years time that style is the hottest in town again.

Animal prints are in !!

Today anyway.

April carries off the feline look with ease and grace, real jungle beauty……..

Jungle Beauty…...

Jungle Beauty……


16 Dec

After shot a fashion piece on festive season style, Gaby and I shot some quick portraits for her folio.

She told me she can’t do sultry or sexy…………I beg to differ.Gaby……..

Photographic “Master chef” style program

17 Jun

The popularity of photography has not been lost on Australia’s government owned TV network.

The ABC, which has always had a strong focus (sorry..I couldn’t help it) on documentry/lifestyle shows has debuted this show “Photo Finish”

I wonder if, like so many successful ABC documentry style shows it will end up on the commercial networks as a platform for Nikon or Canon to showcase thier products.

At the end of the day, it should be a good thing for our artform, with more people realising that a great deal of skill and knowledge goes into a great picture !

Have a look and see what you think.

Chaise lounge……..

11 Jun

Every house should have one, comfortable, stylish and great for photography.

Those of you that watch television will see examples of this classic style in every period movie and show.

We have one at home ready for the day that i can justify the expense of a studio.

I shot this image of Vashte whilst using the studio of Nicola Parsons Photography.

A true genius……

11 May

Over the course of your life, if your lucky, you will meet a handful of people who through hard work and gained experience are really masters of their trade.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few in different professions

the man who taught me to fly gliders, Jimmy Jones, a true gentleman who should have been born with wings,

a good friend Irving, who can really turn his hand to anything and produce incredible results and yet make it seem easy, on top of being always willing to help,

and tonight, I had the privilege to meet and watch Joe McNally  ( ) create beautiful images,

Joe had the mix of enthusiast and professionals laughing, shaking their heads in amazement, laughing, questioning their skills, laughing…you get the picture(pun kinda intended)

A master of light, Joe took the time to explain, in layman’s terms, how to completely stuff up an image and then turn it into a winner.

I was lucky enough to talk to the man for a few minutes and he was just like talking to any other photographer…enthusiastic, friendly and passionate about our art form, not only that he is just a really nice bloke.

Have look at his website and blog, I guarantee you will be caught up by the enthusiasm and  skill.

A rose by any other name……..

2 May

Whilst looking for an image for a friend, I stumbled across a pic of one of my favourite models, Tina.

She possesses so much talent, is a delight to work with and likes to laugh.

We have both moved to different states, but I take great pleasure in seeing updates on her ever growing career…………

Make Up Beauty………..

19 Apr

Make up artists make us look good……No!, not the model, the photographer.

They smooth skin enhance features and hide others, add highlights and subtract blemishes.

And quite often they themselves should be in front of the camera, like Olivia

Monochrome beauty……….

14 Apr

Yep, I am a sucker for monochrome. Colour can add dimension, display tragedy, portray joy and happiness but for me the simplicity of black and white removes distraction and allows the viewer to focus on the subject.

Be it a capture of age, feeling or as in this case beauty there are no filters, no curtains to peer through, you are just presented with the image and then you, the viewer can interpret the image without interference or corruption.

A lot heavier than my standard posts I know, but for me monochrome is special, not something to be used all the time, not a fashion fad, not arty, just plain and simply beautiful.

New Talent……..

19 Mar

Every once in a while a new model comes along with almost no  and you just know that with a little guidance combined with a break or two, that new comer will make a splash.

I shot this new comer the other day, she is a little shy, quiet and able to change expression at the drop of a hat.

Normally shooting new talent is hard work, but not so with this girl, she took direction well, was involved and attentive, she didn’t care about bugs or the weather, just stayed focussed the whole time.

I hope she makes it big, and we see more and more of this natural new talent!!


5 Mar

I received a message from a young woman the other day asking if I would be interested in shooting her and twin sister. She went on to say that they were looking less like twins as they aged and wanted just some fun pics.

They arranged time away from family and work and were going to make a day of it. Pics, lunch and then the beach before heading back to normality.

When they arrived, it took me about a second to realise that they maybe looking less alike as they age, but their mannerisms, speech and sense of humour was as one.

We had a great shoot for about an hour, then off they went to have their day of togetherness…kinda of nice………………..