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Stunning Beauty………………

23 Apr

We battled light all thru this shoot, the sun couldn’t have been any brighter and a planned shot in a water feature just produced a blown out snap shoot, so after scouting around we found this little fall and got to work.

I shot from a bridge about 20 metres away with both speedlites bare at 1/4 aiming at Alless from camera right.

The result….Stunning!

Swamp Beauty……………….

22 Apr

Swamp beauty…..what the ?, the two words don’t really go together in normal conversation.

Yesterday Alless and myself shot her in various locations locally,aiming to achieve a style that is new to her.

She did so well, and nothing put her off, so when I suggested she hop into this lake filled with weeds, lilies and large lizards swimming around (not crocodiles) she was only to eager.


After a couple of shrieks, she regained her confidence and  worked the scene beautifully.

A change of style……….

21 Apr

A lot of the shoots I have doing lately have been very much about the beach…and theres nothing wrong with that, but it does get a bit stale.

Today I shot Alless, a bikini model who also was feeling like a change.

A fifty dollar op shop wedding dress, a nice park and we had a great time, shooting something different.

There are a few more to come, but here is a teaser.

Another pair of hands….

12 Jan

Assistants…whilst talking to videography guru Nathan Kalisch from Dreamspace productions ( ) today about a fashion project that we will be collaborating on some and the subject of assistants came up. With lights, reflectors, diffuser and all the rest that is needed on most shoots an extra pair of hands came be the difference between a great shoot and a hard slog, however you need the right pair of hands helping.

There are two helpful types then there is the rest, the ones that hinder and slow the workflow down. The first type is the budding photographer, the one that knows the gear, how to change light settings, set up stands and understands the technical terms. They may not read the light or have the creative skills yet, but they are getting there. The second type is the boyfriend/girlfriend, they know nothing about photography and don’t want to, they are just happy to move lights and carry stuff which is great and I love having them help. The model feels that their partner is being part of their art, and the partner is usually happy to be included.

My wife assists me sometimes and that makes my life easy. After 25 years together she can read my moods and although she confesses not to be interested in the “tech” stuff, she understands a lot more than she lets on. The added bonus is that the female models have another girl to help them with that fiddly dress or stray hair.


Reflectors sometimes have a mind of their own or need to be held in weird, hard to reach places, it’s then that the handy assistant is more than just another pair of hands.

Early morning lighting, the easy (and cheap) way……….

8 Jan

I have had a few people ask how these early morning shots were lit, so the easiest way is to use the marvellous (and free) Sylights lighting program.

The only thing I haven’t included is the fact that the speedlights were triggered via Phottix Atlas triggers, which I have spoken about before.

I had an umbrella on the high speedlight, but the little lights were struggling with the suns power by this stage.

This is really easy and add to the combination a dramatic sky and a beautiful model you can achieve great results.

DIY Beauty Dish….

5 Jan

When you get the call from the garage telling you that the transmission in the car will cost $4000 to fix, dreams of a new lighting set up go out the window fast. So what does an enterprising photographer do ? Thats right, Do it yourself.

A beauty dish, strobist style was required and with access to the internet providing a plethora of plans it was just a matter of gathering the bits and pieces and having a go!

It was easy to build and I modified others ideas as I wanted something that was bullet proof and easy to set up. It cost about $35 to build and the SB-600 sits nicely on the Phottix Atlas triggers (which are fantastic by the way, and great value for money)which bolts onto the bracket. I use a mixing bowl, a piece of gutter fitting, a L bracket and some nuts and bolts, painted with quality paint, done!

It’s probably a little small, but then it’s designed to be lit by my little SB-600 and used up close, so until I win the lottery it will fill the void.

I have only taken a couple of quick test shots however it seems to produce the goods and when I use it for real I will upload some images.

Sure I rather a factory built unit with a Bowens S type fitting and grid, but for now this will be fine.