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Natural light….

10 Feb

An old friend and myself made the early morning (4.00am) trek to the beach to capture sunrise.

Well. Mother Nature was just not in the mood,

Near gale force winds, crashing waves and the air full of salt spray,

I took about 10 images before my lens and glasses had a lovely layer of salt, which did act as a very arty filter.

Pack up, coffee, home time

Here is one when there was a peek of natural light………

Gold Coast Photography

Gold Coast Photography

Return to the Beach……

9 Feb

Christmas, New Year, and then getting the kids back to school, my poor old blog has suffered.

Finally the year is starting to take on a pattern, and I can get back to some personal shooting.

Early mornings, great clouds, its great to return to the beach……

Gold Coast photography

Gold Coast photography


5 Jan

As a photographer, light is the one thing that we always want to be just right.

In a studio we can control and shape light to suit the style we are shooting.

Outdoors, mother nature is the boss when shooting landscapes.

Sure there are filters and settings to affect the image, but when she puts on a show why change the light………

For more images go to… 


Rockpool reflection……..

30 Dec

There is no shortage of vantage points here on the Gold Coast for sunrise photography.

I must admit to a liking for high contrast reflections

see more at…….

This area has a nice rockpool reflection……….

Rockpool reflection

Rock Fishing Drenching…….

28 Dec

I have during the course of taking seascapes, been caught by the occasional rogue wave.

It usually means that I go home with drenched shoes,  jeans and lens filters covered in salt spray.

Nothing to really worry about, a quick clean of the filters and camera, hose the tripod off and cover it in WD-40, and put the shoes in the sun.

However the fisherman in this image will think about location and tides a little more before he next casts a hook.

PS he was knocked over by this wave, he got up only to be knocked over twice more…then he packed up and left!!

Rock Fisherman Drenched...


Good Morning………

27 Dec

After all the food, presents and merry making, it was time to go back to the beach and take some shots.

Once again the the Gold Coast shoreline was stunning and the sun sent out a beautiful Good Morning…….

Good Morning

Good Morning

Coastal Colour……….

23 Dec

I have been doing a pre Christmas clean up of the desktop and the files that are lurking in random folders.

My New Years resolution list, yes list, will include launching a better file storage system.

At the moment, its a little hit and miss especially when I am searching for a requested file.

Anyway, I found this nice little seascape catalogued with a family day out to a national park 35 kms from the sea !!

Now you can see why I need a better system. if nothing else to show off the local Coastal Colour……………

Coastal Colour

Coastal Colour


sunlit surfers………..

19 Dec

When the sun reappears here on the Gold Coast, the beaches are crowded by all sorts of people enjoying their favourite outdoor activity.

But the most dedicated and numerous are the sunlit surfers…………

Sunlit surfers

approaching storm……

18 Dec

A stint of hot weather is being blown away by a change of weather here on the Gold Coast.

With Christmas just days away, lets hope it clears for the festivities.

At Nobbys’ beach this morning, I was greeted not by the sun, but by the approaching storm…..

Nobbys' Beach, Gold Coast

Nobbys’ Beach, Gold Coast

the edge of the earth……….

17 Dec

With a little imagination some shots we take can transport you away to another place.

Image this as the edge of the earth………

the edge of the earth…..

the edge of the earth…..