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Global warming or ?…….

3 Sep

Today, I took the weekly drive down into northern New South Wales to take the kids to one of their many activities. It is held a lovely seaside town call Kingscliff, the trouble being that the seaside is moving closer and closer to some of the towns building and clubs ironically including the surf life saving club. Walls of sand banks have been erected and the once easily accessible beachfront looks like a shabby building site with hastily placed fencing and signage. Now I am not about to jump either way on the global warming debate, and from what I have read and discussed with people far smarter than I can ever hope to be, there are compelling arguments for both sides even if the warming camp is both more passionate and vocal, but when you see the shoreline change at Kingscliff and the recent hurricane in the States, that amongst other things went so far north that a number of the cherished covered bridges of Madison county were destroyed, you do start to think that old mother earth is cleaning house a little. Once again I think I will take the moderate line and say that I believe that we humans with our pollution of many kinds are certainly contributing to climate change, but also believe that our wonderful home world is also in an evolutionary cycle that we are powerless to halt. Do what you can to be kind to our home, its for our kids to enjoy as well…….