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27 May

This was shot a while ago, but I really like the look of mischief on Tiffanys’ face.

Tiff has been featured in a couple of the earlier shoots and has always managed to look glamourous and have a hint of devil about her personality.

Beach Boys music and a classic truck…………

24 May

The “Cooly Rocks” Festival starts again next week, the festival pays homage to all things Rock and Roll.

Slick hair, booby socks, swirling skirts, rumbling V8s and burger bars..Cooly Rocks has it all.

Coolangatta, the town that hosts the festival is on of the hottest beach destinations along the coast and so there has to be a fair bit of Beach Boys rocking over the beach….



Storm approaching…….

21 May

Surfing seems to be a funny sport, at a Tennis match if it rains, the game stops, Racing drivers don’t like rain, Cricket stops for rain and yet surfers leap from the VW Kombis and head for the sea in search of the rapidly building swell.


20 May

There is an ever increasing presence of VW Kombis’ (microbus, of Arlo Guthries’ Alices’ Restaurant fame ) here on the Gold Coast.

It has become very fashionable to be seen in a early split window restored, pimped or even retro’ed.

The latest form of Volksy art is to restore the mechanicals and pimp the interior but leave the outside in rust streaked and faded paint tones.

Here is the beautiful Sheree, with an image I prepared earlier (lol)……………………….


19 May

Sometimes even the most beautiful of women still have that air of innocence.

Chantelle was one of these rare models, fashionably aloof and yet always ready for the shot, throughout a long afternoon there was not one missed shot of this fantastic talent…

Playful Sunrise…….

18 May

Whilst having a little walk down at beautiful Burleigh Heads, I spotted the sun framed in this   play equipment.

Great place for a chat…………

15 May

I am not a surfer, I am not even a beginner and I kinda wish I was……………..because I love a chat.

I will chat about the weather, politics(if I want to go to sleep), food, travel and most obviously photography.

So it came as a revelation to me that all these hard-core surfers were really doing is finding a great place for a chat………….

Sunrise textures………..

14 May

I went for a walk the other morning, more to enjoy the beautiful weather than to capture anything special.

But those of you that take pictures will understand that after a while your eyes become a view finder and you start looking at the world around you as potential images.

As I walked across the sands at low tide, past a spot that my family swim at regularly, I noticed the shadows, lines in the bridge and the waves in the exposed sand.

I was compelled to capture and share these Sunrise Textures…………


Good Morning Gold Coast……………..

12 May

It truly is good for the soul to be on a beach at sunrise and here on the Gold Coast the secret is well and truly out.

People come from everywhere, runners, walkers and of course surfers.

There is a mixture of cooking bacon, coffee and sea spray in the air.

Its tough I know, but someone has to do it !!

Sunrise surfer……….

11 May

No shoots today, but I got up early to try my hand at a time lapse sunrise…..ummm, more research required, the result was, in a word..terrible.

The upside was that the sunrise this morning was beautiful and I managed to capture this bloke enjoying a great start to his day….no processing other than a crop.