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Not a cloud in the sky…….

1 Sep

I love stormy early mornings, with rough seas whipped up by howling winds, they provide a fantastic scene for those of us who like to take a camera and tripod out for a morning stroll.

So when I heard on the weather report that there would be some rough weather on the way, I double checked the landscape kit, cleaned the filters, oiled the tripod (not really, I’m just setting the scene) and set the alarm for 4.45am.

I bounced out of bed, poured a heart starting coffee into my trusty travel mug, grabbed my kit and stepped out into the howling storm……that wasn’t there!!

It was the clearest, crispest, calmest morning for weeks.

Not to be daunted, I travelled to a nearby rocky beach and snapped off a few shots.

The moody weather will return, but not today!

Stormy weather…..

31 Aug

After a week of glorious sunshine, mother nature has said hello with the threat of a springtime storm…..HOORAY!!! Very cool pictures to come…….

Sentinel seascape……

23 May

Along a rocky shore,its funny how a few rocks always look as if they have a purpose as opposed to being just there…….

Playful Sunrise…….

18 May

Whilst having a little walk down at beautiful Burleigh Heads, I spotted the sun framed in this   play equipment.

Great place for a chat…………

15 May

I am not a surfer, I am not even a beginner and I kinda wish I was……………..because I love a chat.

I will chat about the weather, politics(if I want to go to sleep), food, travel and most obviously photography.

So it came as a revelation to me that all these hard-core surfers were really doing is finding a great place for a chat………….

Sunrise textures………..

14 May

I went for a walk the other morning, more to enjoy the beautiful weather than to capture anything special.

But those of you that take pictures will understand that after a while your eyes become a view finder and you start looking at the world around you as potential images.

As I walked across the sands at low tide, past a spot that my family swim at regularly, I noticed the shadows, lines in the bridge and the waves in the exposed sand.

I was compelled to capture and share these Sunrise Textures…………


Good Morning Gold Coast……………..

12 May

It truly is good for the soul to be on a beach at sunrise and here on the Gold Coast the secret is well and truly out.

People come from everywhere, runners, walkers and of course surfers.

There is a mixture of cooking bacon, coffee and sea spray in the air.

Its tough I know, but someone has to do it !!

Sunrise surfer……….

11 May

No shoots today, but I got up early to try my hand at a time lapse sunrise…..ummm, more research required, the result was, in a word..terrible.

The upside was that the sunrise this morning was beautiful and I managed to capture this bloke enjoying a great start to his day….no processing other than a crop.

The Early Bird………….

10 May

…..or photographer catches the sunrise (I am not that fond of worms).

Nathan from and myself made the early start to catch the sunrise for some long exposure experiments prior to a planned shoot coming soon.

The swell as I said the other day was up, but the sunrise never fails to make you feel glad that you have made the effort to be there.

This shot is of Nathan capturing some moon shots with the rising sun starting behind him.



8 May

Strong swells have slammed onto the rocks here on the Gold Coast for the last few days, maybe due to the so-called “Super Moon” or just a passing weather system. So up the valley I went taking shots of sheds, mist, even shots of a friend taking pictures of sheds, mist…you get the idea.

We finished up at a local rock pool and just above the swimming area is a beautiful stream that is fed from the rainforest covered hinterland.