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Help, rescue us……………….

26 Sep

I have said enough times here and in other ramblings elsewhere that I believe in this being the lucky country, but maybe sometimes we Australians’ get used to the fact that good luck will prevail and once again “she’ll be right, mate”. Not this time, when it comes to our failing health system, that we have for so long-held up to overseas visitor as yet other reason that Australia is the best country to call home, we need to roll up the sleeves and have a red-hot go at fixing it before it is too late.

I have recently read that the only solution to the under delivery of health services is to implement a user pays system a la the good ole US of A, I beg to differ, we don’t have a massive population with rapidly declining resources and crushing debt from global peace keeping activities, rather we are resource rich and under populated. A couple of years back, the federal government, gave schools far and wide large sums of money to erect multi purpose halls for every activity our next generation requires, bravo. This stimulus package although clever in design was poorly managed and allowed for wide-spread profit taking, however the kids got their multi purpose buildings, so let’s do it again, only this time lets really do it right.

I am just an ordinary Australian who loves photography and despairs at seemingly obvious problems not being fixed. I my simple  opinion we should publicly ask for suitably qualified persons from planning, construction and acute medical backgrounds to come forward and given the immediacy of the situation, be aided by all tiers of government to push forward and design, construct and staff these multi purpose medical “halls” just like we did for our kids. Give them tight deadlines, give them specific requirements, promise them the nation’s gratitude, throw in financial incentives and we will see that “can do” Aussie spirit rise to the front. The nay sayers’ will of course scoff, but of course they won’t come up with an alternative solution. We need, as a nation, to fix this now, having 18 ambulances ramped at one major hospital yesterday is just not acceptable. The heroes that save our lives deserve better, the nurses, doctors, paramedics and all the backup staff have a difficult enough time without substandard and poorly resourced facilities. I wondered yesterday as I watched in awe the fantastic crew of one of our rescue choppers lift off to save another life, how soon before we see rescue helicopters circling receiving hospitals in a holding pattern due lack of beds for their patients…………………..