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at one with nature…….

31 Mar

The outdoor lifestyle here on the Gold Coast is really more of a culture.

The weather (most of the time), the beaches, the warm sea, all combine to persuade  locals to be “outdoorsy”.

Kids grow up surfing, swimming, skating and biking, and use the coast as their playground.

Certainly while the owner of this bike was surfing, it was left to become at one with nature.

at one with nature

at one with nature



31 Mar

Amazing how certain colours and textures just work well.

Joelle, our recent lighting trials model has great skin texture and colour,

combined with the texture from the costuming and her hair, there is a wonderful contrast.





31 Mar

I have mentioned in earlier posts that the Gold Coast has suffered at the hands of mother nature this year.

High seas and winds have changed the landscape. in some places to an extent that they are barely recognisable.

The little cove near Snapper Rocks is one of these, however foe photographers another layer of beauty has been exposed.

Texture and colour abound, and when dramatic clouds and sunrise combine with these new elements there is a wonderful transformation……




Classic style………

30 Mar

We recently did some trial shots, to try out some new ideas.

Joelle was good enough to model for us.

Not only did she bring great humour, a professional attitude, and of course beauty,

She also embodied old world classic style………

Classic style

Classic style

Easter Saturday sunrise……..

30 Mar

The long weekend is here, the roads are packed, the beaches will be family favourites,

Special foods hit our tables, and families get together.

Snapper Rocks and the remnants of the bad weather served up a beautiful Easter Saturday sunrise…….

Easter Saturday Sunrise…..

Easter Saturday Sunrise…..

Out there early………

26 Mar

When I gwt up in the pitch dark, make a coffee and head for the beach, I usually only encounter the occasional jogger or walker.

This morning members of the fisherman tribe outnumbered the rest of us.

The “Taylor” are running, I was told by a fellow with four rods. two bags and a large bucket as he scampered past me onto the narrowest rock ledge.

Fisherman put photographers to shame when it comes to accumulating gear, ….uummmh, must try and change that!

However we have something important in common, if you want the big fish or the best shot, you have to be out there early………

Out there early…...

Out there early……


24 Mar

The sun has returned from its sabbatical, finally.

The Gold Coast can now start to rebuild the beautiful beaches and its great to see people out and about.

As I backed out the drive at 5.00am this morning a small rain squall hit, and I thought here we go again.

I continued to a favourite spot to be greeted by this dramatic sunrise full of colour…….

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock

Waiting for a view…..

14 Mar

There are many spectacular view points along the Gold Coast.

Most people enjoy taking in the blue sea, beautiful sunrises and great beaches.

Lately most people have been waiting for a view…..

Gold Coast


11 Mar

Blue, Grey, Warm, Cold……

Rough, smooth, inviting or scary.

Some times the ocean is a mirror of the sky,

and other times a complete contrast……..





9 Mar

Usually when shooting people there are definite commercial goals involved.

With models, it portfolios to enable them to get more work.

Fashion…well, thats obvious.

Commercial, same.

Today I shot two wonderful ladies that are having their heads shaved to support Leukaemia research.

I will shoot them again post shave and we going to go a little OTT.

Its the least I can do to support their efforts and kindness……….

Kelly and Karen 9.3.2013_7232Kelly and Karen 9.3.2013_7191