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Natural light………

15 Oct

Shooting fashion articles in the middle of a sunny day outdoors presents a whole gambit of issues for a photographer to overcome.

We like to help promote local venues with our shoots to encourage more shoppers to the area and therefore using dingy covered alleys or inside storage sheds doesn’t work.

The retailers are happy for us to use their shops until they get busy, which of course is as soon as we set up a light stand….natural curiosity!

Whilst shooting this article we had one look to go and the sun was blazing down, our make up artist lives right next to the shopping precinct so we used this little corner of her house and took advantage of

beautiful diffused natural light……………

Supermodel in the making………..

14 Oct

Just a quick edit from a shoot with Ekala, one of the finalists in the World Supermodel competition.

I will share more later, but here is a glimpse of a supermodel in the making………..

lazy days are here………

8 Oct

Its heating up on the beautiful Gold Coast. Simmer is returning with a venegance, and soon we will be making the pilgrimage to the beach.

Near where we live is a great location were the rainforest meets the water.

Ideal now that the lazy days are here………………..

Thanks to the beautiful Erin from a previous shoot.


1 Oct

Fashion shows are everywhere you look at the moment, with great variety in styles and genre.

Hollywood Sarah………

30 Sep

A Hollywood Glamour Style edit from an earlier era, introducing Hollywood Sarah………..

Vintage, Retro or just plain old Classic Style……….

29 Sep

The fashion from the fifties and early sixties are a favourite.

They don’t rely on copious amounts of flesh, the flatter the shape of a women and in the main, the ooze class.

When we look back there are style icons and so many come from these eras.

I was lucky enough to do a shoot for a local fashion e-magazine at the gorgeous Southport Yacht Club, with the fabulous Sarah, herself a local style icon.

Everything about the shoot just had plain old Classic Style……….

For more of this shoot visit..

Supermodels in the making………..

24 Sep

Shoot model competitions is hard, and I know many would disagree. The girls are pretty and the surroundings can be glamorous.

But the young girls have lots riding on the outcome, some train for hours every week to stay in shape, they have beauty regimes that border on sadistic and they spend much of their life wearing towering stilettos up and down steps.

The pay off can, if they are one of the chosen few who make the big time, be huge. However the rest just keeping hoping.

The group of girls I shot the other night knew there could only be one winner and when that person was announced the rest smiled, hugged and generally made the winner feel all the more special.


Well done girls, you all are supermodels in the making……………..

Fashionably caring……….

21 Sep

The fashion showcase I shot last night was a great example of how a section of the business community can band together to assist those in need.

Designers, retailers, models, make up artists and photographers banded together to stage and promote this great local event, which I

might add, went off without a hitch and drew a crowd well in excess of the numbers expected.


Runway conversion…………

21 Sep

I shoot a regional fashion show this evening….it was great large, young and funky crowd in great setting.

The lighting for the runway was ……patchy, thats the polite way to say it.

But it was fun, and I caught up with some other photographers and people from the fashion industry, so its not all bad.

I will do the editing tomorrow, however I took this just for the shadows…………..

Total Beauty………

18 Sep

Beauty is one of those words that is bandied around fairly loosely these days and yes the old saying is “that beauty is in the eye of the beholder” however Toatal Beauty is easily recognised as a person who radiants an aura from within. This coupled with great gene mix gives us the person who not only looks great but makes you smile just talking with them.

Model Tess is one of these rare creatures, always smiling and laughing, she is still young but possesses a wonderful sense of humour and fun, is well grounded and has an incredible work ethic. Of course she is also incredibly beautiful.

Marry these features with a beautiful location, gorgeous gowns, hair and make up ,a great team and you end up with a shoot to remember.

Truly Total Beauty…………