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A second look….

29 Aug

Another thing that is kinda’ cool about digital image capture is the ability to review what you have shot so easily. Whether it be during a shoot tethered to your iMac or Macbook Pro, or later at your workstation. Lately I have got into the habit of going back over images I have shot days later and quite often an image that I have dismissed or skipped over in preference for another jumps out of the screen at me. Sometimes a little play in Photoshop can make a world of difference, reducing background clutter, tweaking a bit of fill or shadow or simply running a noise filter and sharpening takes an ok image to a favorite. The following image kept waving at me, I think it was because the model was so good at Fashion against Disaster and the dress was plainly stunning but I kept going for another one very similar. With just the few PS changes listed above the image has become a keeper and a favourite. You gotta love digital….




Fashion Against Disaster

27 Aug

In world that seems to be continually facing one natural disaster after another, the Japanese Tsunami is one that truly stirs up feelings of despair, horror and hopelessness. The incredibly graphic images of walls of water invading towns and villages still, when viewed today send shivers down my spine and of course when you let your imagination place you into those places, where families, young children, grandparents and friends were going about their normal lives, it makes you realise that we really have no defence when mother nature wants to make a statement . What we do have control over is how we act to help those effected by these disasters.

A group of caring and motivated people here on the sunny Gold Coast organised a fashion show to raise funds to assist in the rebuilding stage for the victims of this terrible event. Established and emerging local designers teamed with stunning models, make up artists and the wonderful crew at The Temple Lounge Bar, to create an evening of swirling colour, music and performances of traditional Japanese dance. The clothing was simply fantastic, great colours, fabrics with texture and luminance  and new, innovative cuts.

A great evening was had by all, even more so knowing that the funds raised would help restore some normality to the many shattered lives in Japan.