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verandah view………..

29 Dec

A beautiful moon here on the Gold Coast tonight and a balmy 25 degrees Celsius.

After a day which included a swim at our favourite beach and dinner at an Italian Cafe,

what better way to finish the evening than taking in our verandah view…….

Verandah View

The last picture of the day……….

17 Jun

Fashionable Burleigh Heads here on the Gold Coast really has it all. We are far enough from the tourist hub not to be affected but close enough if we want a bit of glitz, we have cafes and restaurants and enough fashion boutiques to keep the look changing constantly.

The beach and the break on the point attract surfing royalty all year round and there is the most brilliant safe swimming beach for the family just around the headland.

This young body boarder was catching the last picture of her boyfriend surfing for the day………….

VIBA….OMG an award…………..

18 May

Yes folks, its been passed along from Jenn at Quirk’n it. Now she really deserved an award, a talented photographer and fitness guru, Jen has a talent for showing life from different angles.

Now the rules state I must share seven little known facts about my life…….apparently I can use ageing memory banks as a way out of this, oh well here goes.

1. I have moved house over thirty times in 49 years…..I guess the police will catch up with me sooner or later.

2. I went from being an explosives worker (powder monkey) to being a paramedic….there has to be something freudian in that!!

3. I have shared a thermal updraft whilst flying a glider with the worlds crankiest, moth-eaten, grumpy eagle who proceeded to attack the glider until I left him to that piece of sky.

4. I love Asian food above all others and the perfect dinner would have dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and India washed down with a chilled New Zealand Chablis overlooking the ocean……………

5. I have all the James Bond movies and try as hard as I can, I just haven’t managed to be a suave as Shaun Connery  ( I am not quite as bald though)

6. People who know me well, are amazed that I have a website and blog as they realise just how IT challenged I really am, thank goodness for youtube tutorials.

7. Photography is a passion, but my Family are my life, to see them enjoy and succeed in life means more than anything…except perhaps the thought of fact number 4., just kidding !!

Now for the easy part, passing this prestigious award along to people with real talent…

1. Los Angeles Fashion Glamour & Lifestyle Photographer – the average Jim – talented and inspiring photographer with a honest and worldly opinion about photography and life in general.

2. Complete [and Utter] Disbelief – beauty and lifestyle from South Africa

3. Alexandra’s Art. – Beauty, I don’t need to say anything else

4. Bethylicious – Seriously talented writer and photographer with a great sense of fun.

5. Iain Crockart/Photographer/Bits and Blogs – Travels to far flung places, great camera work, it makes me green with envy.


18 May

My wife and I have been together for over 25 years, and yet when evr I walk into the room she still look delighted to see me…

………at least I think that’s how I should interpret this look !

Old Rockers never die…they just bring back memories……..

7 Apr

Last weekend I shot an event at the fantastic Broadwater Gardens, well we were back the again this weekend for the free Easter concert. Not there to work just kick back and enjoy. We had a family day of swimming and eating and swimming and eating..yep, there is a pattern, …….. hey its Easter.

Anyway back to the reason for this post, about thirty years ago, or a bit more perhaps there was a band called…Sherbet, fronted by Daryl Braithwaite, they wowed the teens and had great  success for a while. As bands do they split and Braithwaite started a solo career, and that’s when the depth of this mans talent really emerged. Rock, ballads and feel good songs that appealed across different age groups.

Then as is normal for those soloists that have maybe five or six big hits, he faded away only to be heard occasionally on drive time radio. That is until last night !

The ten thousand or so lucky free concert goers were treated to a display of entertainment rarely seen, even when paying a days wages or more.

He warmed the crowd up with some reminiscing, and then hit us hard with the rock…needless to say the crowd was on its feet and dancing.

A standing ovation had Braithwaite and band return to the stage for a rendition of “Horses”, with the masses joining for a thunderous chorus.

Thanks Daryl and Gold Coast City Council, it was a great way to celebrate our wedding anniversary !

Fashionable serenity……….

26 Mar

I had a shoot with a family early in the morning the other day, and as usual I was way too early.

The family lives along some of the canals here on the Gold Coast which is situated right next to the fashionable, yet peaceful and serene resort suburb of Sanctuary Cove.

The suburb has grown up around the golf course and marina, with a lovely village feel too it.

Art and beauty are everywhere in the grounds and even the small lakes that dot the different areas add to that feeling of serenity ……….


5 Mar

I received a message from a young woman the other day asking if I would be interested in shooting her and twin sister. She went on to say that they were looking less like twins as they aged and wanted just some fun pics.

They arranged time away from family and work and were going to make a day of it. Pics, lunch and then the beach before heading back to normality.

When they arrived, it took me about a second to realise that they maybe looking less alike as they age, but their mannerisms, speech and sense of humour was as one.

We had a great shoot for about an hour, then off they went to have their day of togetherness…kinda of nice………………..

Us Time……

19 Feb

I blogged last time about spending more time with the family, well last night the kids swimming club put on a “dive – in” movie with BBQ. Lots of parents and instructors watching the kids have fun, including a good friend who didn’t mind keeping a watchful eye on ours as well as hers.

We bought a bottle of wine from home and found a cheap Chinese restaurant and sat down together for the first time in a while. The meal was terrible, but do you know what, we didn’t care because we were us….and just us for an hour or so.

There were no thoughts of fashion or glamour photography, no thoughts of beauty shots for make up artists, and certainly no thoughts of corporate head shots for people who really don’t want to be photographed.

Thanks friend and thanks to the swimming club for giving us the chance to stroll along the beach contently…. and quietly albeit for a short time.

Blogging Vacation…..

18 Feb

Last week was full on. More than full on, finishing the editing for Gold Coast Fashion Week, some corporate photos plus editing and all the normal stuff on top of that.

About thursday I realised that I had spent no time at all with my wife or family…….put the brakes on Andrew.

No more fashion, beauty or art shoots. No more models and designers, well at least for a few days.

Friday I got in late and my wife had all the jobs done and the kids settled in, it was time to make them the priority.

No blogging, no photo shoots booked in, just family time.

Saturday morning saw the kids doing one of their many activities and my wife and I reeling back time and spending a couple of hours at the beach,alone!!

Wow, what have we been missing, reading, relaxing a quick splash in the ocean and…talking to each other about us not next weeks schedule.

Obviously day-to-day stuff will return, but this micro break did wonders for us both.

Colour shines through………….(with a little help!)

29 Jan

I took the kids for a drive to the north end of the Gold Coast today, just to get them out the house if nothing else. Low and behold the rain held off and we managed a walk and the kids had a play.

It was still overcast and grey but I couldn’t help but take a few shots…you know how it is, a camera is no good in the cupboard and with digital you can always delete at no cost.

When I put the images on the Mac at home there was something missing…colour!

Now I don’t have one of the HDR programs that are available not because I don’t like HDR, it just that I would hardly ever use it and therefore I can use the money to buy my son yet another pair of larger shoe’s.

I fiddled for a while in Camera Raw and these are the results, remember they are just a bit of fun!