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Furry Fashion…….

3 Jul

After a wonderful fashion shoot with Sarah Godfrey and Caroline from FashionGC, the required images were processed and delivered, then I get to play with some of the cutting floor rejects in Photoshop, this great fun and sometimes another winner appears…….



Photographic “Master chef” style program

17 Jun

The popularity of photography has not been lost on Australia’s government owned TV network.

The ABC, which has always had a strong focus (sorry..I couldn’t help it) on documentry/lifestyle shows has debuted this show “Photo Finish”

I wonder if, like so many successful ABC documentry style shows it will end up on the commercial networks as a platform for Nikon or Canon to showcase thier products.

At the end of the day, it should be a good thing for our artform, with more people realising that a great deal of skill and knowledge goes into a great picture !

Have a look and see what you think.

More studio fitness………………

12 Jun

Just a couple more from an earlier post

being able to stand back and change the light is the benefit of being in a studio

this shoot was great fun and a new style for me…………………….

All that is old is actually …not!!

10 May

Photoshop, lets face it photoshop is a form of entertainment in itself.

In this day and age of reality TV about singers, obesity, renovation and cooking, its nice to actually see some real creativity.

Yes, I can here the opponents screaming derision, ” how do you know the photo is real”, short answer … don’t.

I for one was one the biggest nay sayers when it came to photography and photoshop, however now I am seeing it in a different light.

Now I see it as merely another tool to get the job done, and no I am not talking about complete image rebuild, just a tweak here and there in the main.

Some images require a goodly amount of conversion to make them fit the brief, this can also be because of weather or poor camera technique.

I confess that i am no photoshop guru, but boy’o’boy it is great fun.





Its all about the eyes………

16 Mar

People who know me probably get sick of me rambling on about the most important ingredient in a portrait.

With all due respect to the make up artists ( who by the way, are indeed artists), and the hair stylists, and even the fashion stylists, if you don’t capture the subjects eyes then the portrait will never attain the impact you desire.

Obviously some models aside from being blessed with great body genes also were handed dramatic, scene stealing eyes, but not all were so lucky.

So then the photographer steps in, good lighting, great connection with the subject and an understanding of composition will still allow you to capture an image which draws the viewer in.


15 Mar

One of my favourite models, Ali. Not a classic beauty, nor someone that stops traffic, but she just has something which makes her stand out.

Just another example of the inner being showing thru…………

Surfing brings the crowds………

15 Feb

Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast is always popular. A beautiful beach with great surf, cafes nearby and a sub tropical headland with a jungle setting make this location a favourite regardless of the weather, but stage a surfing competition with a couple of world class pro’s and bingo, not a parking space within thirty minutes walk.


Black and White………..

31 Jan

Whilst I was shooting a burlesque show at a large Brisbane restaurant, the piano player mentioned that all he had were some snap shots of himself.

We moved away from the piano as it was near a bar lit with multi coloured LED lights which are in fashion it seems and captured this.

Just like the keys on the piano…Black and White!!

Warm days by the sea………

10 Jan

It’s pretty warm on the coast at the moment, so I thought this image which I took last year was kind of appropriate.

Photoshop……so much for so little

10 Jan

In the old days developing film was done in labs or bedrooms converted to labs (different to the labs found in houses with all sorts of chemicals, dishes and containers. There was a sort of magical alchemy about the whole process and as the film developed you would see the result of all this effort, probably shot days earlier and with no chance of repeating the image. It was exciting, frustrating, joyous and disappointing all at the same time. When people came to the house they had that look on their faces that said “wow, he knows those secrets..clever”.

Well, it’s all gone now, except for a few studios with shipping containers full of cheap stock, enthusiasts, and a some arty studios that keep the magic alive. For the rest of use digital has meant instant review and if necessary reshoot and processing at the workstation without the need for a sink, tongs or rubber gloves ( there are some that miss the rubber gloves ?? ).

Photoshop has enabled even children to process digital images to a high standard and the presets embedded in all versions provide quick and easy ways to lift an image. Even professionals use some of the presets or purchase actions that are applied in less time that it takes to make a coffee.

Sometimes I miss the old ways, but then I remember the cost, the clean up so on and so on, and realise that as much as it seemed so very cool in those days, the digital darkroom is so much for so little.

The following image was converted from a full colour shot to this ” in vogue ” sepia tone with five key strokes which took about 30 seconds.