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The amazing artists…………

3 Jun

Make up artists are the least thanked and understood component of the fashion industry.

The designers have their name up in lights, the photographers get rave reviews ( the good ones anyway) but the poor make artists are generally left with a table of half used product and a sore back.

The canvas they work on can be oily, bumpy and sometimes even scaley.

The canvas moves, it gets grumpy, it takes phone calls during the painting and can occasionally sneeze on you, nice!

Despite all this, these incredibly talented artists continue to smile, work in tight rooms with poor lighting, have photographers dazzle them with flashes (sorry) and turn out the most stunning mobile art.

Fashion show time……..

3 Jun

Those of you that have shot a fashion show will realise that it’s not all beer and skittles.

Usually there is average to less than average lighting, the facilities that sound great when promoted by the organiser are not always the way you have envisaged them in your mind.

and then often the combination of questionable garment choice, poor  or down right crazy make up  and models that shouldn’t, can end up in a post production nightmare…….for little result.

So when I arrived at the local fashion show, Fashion on James, I had a major yipee moment.

Well organised, fantastic garments, young but talented models and the most organised professional and skilled make up/hair team I have ever seen.

Over the next few posts I will put up a few more images from this great fashion event.





31 May

I have blogged before about models, some are natural, some do not show up or are late, some are fun and some are just precious….well this weekend end I am shooting a local fashion show and they had a small media launch party the other night.

Two models from the show were there to add  some beauty to the evening and , I suppose, present a sample of what will be displayed on the day.

One of these models is  a newcomer to the industry, the other is actually a stylist that happens to be almost six feet tall. These two young ladies were a delight. Classy, happy to chat with the crowd, posed for photos without any forced happiness and put up with me moving them all over the restaurant to get some publicity shots for all the sponsors.

I cant wait to work with these happy, talented people on the weekend, it will be a pleasure .

Lifestyle on the coast…….

30 May

Lets face it the Gold Coast is normally associated with bikinis, blondes and boobs and probably for good reason the beaches are beautiful and the fantastic climate encourages the beachy look.

However, I also believe that this great part of the world can be illustrated with just a picture of vitality and health.

When we were shooting some portfolio images for local model Roxanne, we wondered out along a sand spit and the whole scene just summed up the Gold Coast, clean air, beautiful beaches and vital people…the lifestyle on the Gold Coast.

Synchronised (life)Savers……..

28 May

I have been lucky enough in my life to work alongside people like these two good friends. Very fashionable in their matching gear, this is what these guys do for a living.

In this shoot they were only training for the real thing, but its’ nice to know there are these very special people out there looking out for the rest of us.



27 May

This was shot a while ago, but I really like the look of mischief on Tiffanys’ face.

Tiff has been featured in a couple of the earlier shoots and has always managed to look glamourous and have a hint of devil about her personality.


24 May

Only someone who is totally naive would believe that women don’t have a special power over the mere male.

A fast car and stylish, sultry woman will change even the most steadfast mans mind……..

Vintage Red……….

23 May

I love the colour red.

It says so much, it can mean danger, it can purvey sexiness, and it can say look at me.

When you combine red with a vintage dress, a great figure and some lovely retro furniture you can say a lot in a little image…….

Belly Dancing…………..

21 May

Belly dancing seems to be commonplace nowadays.

Perhaps its a new fitness craze, or perhaps the need to fine something creative in a life dominated by reality TV and facebook.

The classically beautiful Tehlia is stunning in her role as a belly dancer


20 May

There is an ever increasing presence of VW Kombis’ (microbus, of Arlo Guthries’ Alices’ Restaurant fame ) here on the Gold Coast.

It has become very fashionable to be seen in a early split window restored, pimped or even retro’ed.

The latest form of Volksy art is to restore the mechanicals and pimp the interior but leave the outside in rust streaked and faded paint tones.

Here is the beautiful Sheree, with an image I prepared earlier (lol)……………………….