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“the cafe is open”……

1 Apr

When I set out for my morning photo walks, the lights are out in most shops around the Gold Coast.

With our growing addiction to the coffee bean, and more people than ever walking early in the morning,

I see signs appearing all over the coast at sunrise, “the cafe is open”……

The cafe is open…..

The cafe is open…..

Time for a coffee……..

31 Dec

Besides being lucky enough to have the beautiful East Coast of Australia at my doorstep, there is also a plethora of great coffee shops along the coast,

So after grabbing a few nice images once in a while I give in to the temptation and enjoy a good coffee along the coast.

After about an hour grabbing images at Snapper Rocks in was definitely time for a coffee…….

See more at…

Time for a coffee…...

Dress for dinner…..or brunch!

30 Aug

With outdoor dining an everyday part of our life, people are now feeling comfortable dressing down or glamming up even going out for a Latte and nibbles.

Here on the sunny Gold Coast we are spoilt for choice of comfortable and affordable eateries. From one end of the coast to the other, high fashion mingles with swimwear and rippled jeans.

Good Morning Gold Coast……………..

12 May

It truly is good for the soul to be on a beach at sunrise and here on the Gold Coast the secret is well and truly out.

People come from everywhere, runners, walkers and of course surfers.

There is a mixture of cooking bacon, coffee and sea spray in the air.

Its tough I know, but someone has to do it !!

Advertising…cheap and effective

14 Jan

Millions, maybe billions are spent each year to motivate us, the consumers to part with our hard-earned cash. Sex, emotions, patriotism, even dubious financial gain are used by companies world-wide to ensure that their cash registers continue to sing ” Cha-ching “. Now we need a vibrant,  fluid economy to ensure growth and keep us and our kids in jobs so I am not about to start berating advertisers for the money they spend.

What I did want to mention was the little man, the mum and pop store that only just survives and has an advertising budget that may buy a packet of lollies and a balloon to give to one customer. How do these retail stalwarts manage to attract spenders to their wares. Inventiveness, that’s how, by doing something that stands out and gets people talking, or that becomes a local identity.

This enterprising deli/general store had colour and fun in mind when they devised their campaign. It sticks out and draws you in. Maybe these people could teach the big boys something…….

How things change……

29 Dec

I have often commented on the changes that have occurred to the way we live over the last century, if fact in my last post I wrote about the changes in air travel. Well today I took my kids into the Brisbane CBD to an area known as South Bank. Now lots of cities around the world are developing central areas into entertainment precincts, crammed with cafes, restaurants, public spaces inhabited by street artists (aka buskers), usually close to business areas to reduce travel for city dwellers and to attract dollars back into the city during holidays and weekends.

Today I counted over twenty eateries in a kilometre stretch along the South Bank area, including one Bistro that provided leather and cane sun lounges for its dinners ? I don’t know about you, but I think the only appropriate food to eat on a reclining lounge is peeled grapes, hand fed to you by a nubile waitress/waiter depending on your orientation. Ice cream, milkshakes, hot chips (fries) along with Italian, Thai, and ten other exotic cuisines where offered, and with the kids in tow milk shakes were the drink de jour.

South Bank is kids heaven for more than just food of questionable nutritional value, for some long sighted town planner included a beach themed water park.

A lagoon with real sandy beach, a rainforest creek, and so many squirting, splashing play zones that the sound of laughter and squealing could be heard from the underground car park.

All this clever construction started me thinking about what we has kids regarded as wonderful. A rope from a branch over a creek was the stuff that memories were built on, flying thru the air attempting to create mini tsunamis all over your friends was the best fun.A bit of research and I found this picture of an early swimming bath on the banks of the Brisbane river not far from the current epi-centre of entertainment……How things change ( I bet the laughter was just as loud).

Iconic Australian Landscapes……..

17 Oct

So, the make up artist is booked, costumes are organised and the locations checked for sun position etc and the model get sick!. Too late to cast a new model, and besides the poor girl can’t help being ill and she is perfect for the concept. The dilemma I face is that I now have an intense need to make some pictures. The sun is shining and my first thought is go to the beach, get some photojournalistic stuff, there is always something happening. But by chance the traffic is already heavy in that direction so I head into the Gold Coasts stunning and under publicised hinterland. This the world of “Terra Nova”(, cycads and dinosaur type landscape, creeks and waterfalls at every twist in the road. This is so far removed from the bright lights and bikinis of Surfer Paradise and yet it is only 20 minutes drive. As I drive further up one of the valleys there large rocky outcrops and sheer escarpments on both sides, and I can only wonder what sort of landscape photographers nirvana lies hidden behind the vines and ferns. I’m not alone on this twisty road, a peloton of middle-aged lycra clad cyclists have found this peaceful and scenic route ideal for their sunday jaunt and no doubt will stop at a peaceful and charming coffee shop to get their fill of Lattes and scones before riding home. Armed only with my Nikon D5000 and the terrific, versatile 18-200 DX VR, I shoot some of the landscape, more than anything to add to the location file for later shoots. The road eventually becomes a track and then nothing and I am forced to turn around, however when I get out the car to shoot the following scene, my senses’ are assaulted by the smells of steamy and humid tropical rainforest, fetid yet incredibly clean aromas that are such a contrast to the smells of the Pacific ocean only twenty minutes away. On your next holiday or outing to the Gold Coast do the ‘worlds’, Cavill Mall and Surfers but also spend some time up in the hinterland, you wont regret it.This image was converted to “Water Colour” in Photoshop and is available for sale in various sizes printed on canvas.

Coffee time !!

19 Aug

When you walk around almost any part of Australia, be it urban or rural, it is quite easy to see we have learnt something most important from migrant Europeans. We realise the importance of coffee. Australians regularly on masse take to the pavements and verandahs of our most scenic, our most bustling and our most peaceful locations to pay homage to the bean. Of course whilst partaking in an espresso, latte or what ever is coffee de jour, we socialize, take time to smell the roses(or coffee), read the paper or just relax. For me strolling along the beach or walking up a hinterland path with the trusty Nikon along for the ride is made so much more special by concluding this restful pastime  with a well made cappuccino from talented and friendly Barista. Of course we are becoming spoiled for choice here on the sunny Gold Coast, and there always seems to be a special cake to tempt you to linger that bit longer. Hooray I say to those wonderful European migrants that bought this civilised ritual down under.