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special people……

30 Apr

Most of us go to work everyday and perform fairly ordinary tasks. We pretty much know that the day will pass with the biggest problem we have to face is a traffic jam, a paper jam or for messy people like me, spilt jam on my shirt.

But for some special people, it could be rescuing someone from a jam, you know the real deal, nasty type of jam.

These people hop out of bed knowing that they will be called upon to do extraordinary tasks, and I for one always quietly say thanks!

Fit and Healthy

19 Jan

Coming from a medical background I can confidently say that not all of the people involved in medicine are the fittest or healthiest members of our community. Long hours combined with accumulated fatigue and easy access to fast food can be the undoing of some in the profession, then there are the others, the one’s that seem to be able to fit in extra shifts, massive study loads and extreme sports.

I was lucky enough a while ago to shoot some stills to promote a team of South Australian Paramedics entry in the National Adventure Racing championships. This form of extreme sport requires competitors to master several disciplines including kayaking and mountain biking and to race over some of the roughest country Australia has. Competing in teams of four, they have to overcome not only the physical hardships but also the mental demons that come when you push yourself to the very edge.

These young blokes seem to take all this in their stride so effortlessly and knowing this reinforces my confidence in the quality of paramedics on our roads today.

These shots were taken near the estuary at Port Noarlunga, and the guys were forced to run, jump, paddle and ride, time and time again in quickly diminishing light to get the shots they needed.  

Champion Sportsman.

28 Aug

Today the sunshine returned to the Gold Coast and the family and I ventured out to find a park to enjoy. We stumbled upon a Kids sign on and try day at Broadbeach, there were all sorts of activities for the kids (and adults) to try and it was all free. There were sports clubs, surf life saving and even an acrobatic school with a fantastic instructor who had lots of kids under control and enjoying trying new skills. He even got me into a wheel that turns you upside down..great fun. Just as we were about to leave, the sporting car club announced that the current leader of the V8 supercar championship, Jamie Whincup was there to sign posters etc. We walked across and sure enough here is the man who is at the pinnacle of our premier formula of motorsport and, one would image, as busy as bee, calmly chatting and signing posters for adoring fans with a great big smile on his face. I took a couple of snaps, the kids got a poster signed, and this true gentleman of the sport seemed all the while to be enjoying the day out. Bravo, Jamie, a lot of so-called celebrities could learn how to put on the public face from you. You do yourself, team, sponsors and sport proud, and although I have been a Ford man all my life ( go young Moff ‘) I will from now on have a cheer for you. Well done , sir!!