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Coffee time !!

19 Aug

When you walk around almost any part of Australia, be it urban or rural, it is quite easy to see we have learnt something most important from migrant Europeans. We realise the importance of coffee. Australians regularly on masse take to the pavements and verandahs of our most scenic, our most bustling and our most peaceful locations to pay homage to the bean. Of course whilst partaking in an espresso, latte or what ever is coffee de jour, we socialize, take time to smell the roses(or coffee), read the paper or just relax. For me strolling along the beach or walking up a hinterland path with the trusty Nikon along for the ride is made so much more special by concluding this restful pastime  with a well made cappuccino from talented and friendly Barista. Of course we are becoming spoiled for choice here on the sunny Gold Coast, and there always seems to be a special cake to tempt you to linger that bit longer. Hooray I say to those wonderful European migrants that bought this civilised ritual down under.